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Budgeting For Your Wedding
By Lilian

Wedding bells are ringing…

You are looking forward to organising a fantastic wedding, buying your wedding dress, your wedding cake, getting your wedding photographer, getting your wedding hair done perfectly, and looking gorgeous on your wedding day.

You need to make sure that when planning and organising your wedding, you take into account of your budget. Budgeting for your wedding means defining a list of wedding items and deciding on how much you will spend on each of these items.

This budget will help you control and monitor your expenses and help you track where you have overspent and where you have made a saving. Unless you have access to unlimited funds, chances are that you will have to manage your wedding budget very carefully. Here are key points that you will need to consider when you are budgeting for a low budget wedding.

1. Mobilizing the funds

2. Prioritising your list of wedding items

3. Harnessing the talents of family and friends

4. Finding the best venues for your wedding

5. Cutting down on your food and drinks bill

6. Cutting down your Guest list

7. Where to get the wedding cake for less

8. Where to get the wedding dress for less

9. Bridal beauty items for far less than you think

10. Inexpensive but chic accessories

11. Affordable wedding rings

12. Superb decor for less

Here are a few key points of consideration which are fully elaborated in my ebook which is available for an amazing low price.

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Lillian organised her own wedding on a budget of 5000 pounds. She spent 6 months prior to her wedding researching vendors, comparing products and prices; meeting with photographers; hotel managers; and many more wedding vendors to understand how she could save on each wedding item. She realised that it is possible to have a fantastic wedding without breaking the bank and decided to share her tips with others.


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