The Nokia N92 – SELaplana

Nokia N92The Nokia N92 got everything we want. We can flip it and watch; Access live digital TV broadcast on the move; Watch real-time TV as easily as you do at home; Get the latest information, entertainment and events or access the internet at broadband speeds; Listen to the radio or your digital music, and send and receive videos or photos in high resolution.

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  1. Hello my friend, I am from Germany, would I like one piece, Nokia N92 DVB-H digital tv to buy
    I have a question that has Nokia original or copy, or China, it is the language, English,
    Germany, French, Arabic, has it send software CD, DVB-H TV across Europe and how much does a piece of Nokia N92 to Germany, you ask all the details of the Nokia N92 via the works
    My e-mail please respond, please, I’ll wait, thank you.

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