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Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers (7th Edition)I was asked by a college student of the St. Joseph College here in Maasin City, why teaching is considered the noble profession.

Well, I told him this:

Teaching is really a noble profession. Everyone of us, including our nation’s Presidents are the product of teaching.

The teacher is the one who molds a child into what he will be on the future.

A child is being taught on how to read and how to write, how to deal with others and how to deal with himself.

The knowledge of the teacher is being shared or transferred or imparted to the child from science, technology, arts and values. And when the child is ready to pursue for a higher degree of education and especialization, it is still the teacher who is guiding the child for him to attain his dreams and expectations.

No other profession is greater than teaching. Without teacher: There will be no Engineers who will plan, design and manage the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, communication facilities and other mechanical infrastructure; There will be no doctors, scientists, politicians, etc.

Everything will not exist without the teacher and the teaching process.

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    1. Hello shei, i’m from Malitbog, Southern Leyte and my wife graduated from SLSU-tomas oppus but she came from Hinunangan, Southern Leyte.

  1. yes…i do believe that teaching is a noble profession.as the quote goes,teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.so it is noble to be a teacher as they enlighten a generation.

  2. ahm well thnx 4 d info being posted by u!!! 8 s much apreciated and 8 help me a lot w/ my studies!!!! keep this valuable information and trash those nonsense and very much erelivant!!! thats my suggestion only and 8′s 4 u to do some actions about 8!! thnxxxxxxxxxxxx

    sincerely yours,
    shaddy love

  3. i strongly agree! :]]
    im now a 2ndyr student taking up bsed major in english language sumwer in bxu nd eventually i do luv teaching. :]]
    cheers for us young teachers to be :]]

  4. hello! guys im reynan, im so glad to read some of your comment on teaching profession.It’s really noble,,,,to repeat. you know, though im not a teacher by profession,,, since i am an IT – Comptech by field,,,but then i’m engaged with this career… at the start i thought this was just but for a matter of vocation,,,for me to have a job,,, but then I realized teaching is not just simply a career but indeed it is a CALL for each and everyone of us. We shape the society,,,we are the agent of change…we ought to answer what the society needs…for the sake of incoming generation….
    By now… im an instructor in Computer Technology and currently taking DIT for the purpose of knowing more the concept of teaching…

  5. who made the engineers, doctors, scientists, lawyers and even scientist? It is the teacher who made them all. So, teaching is the noble profession….
    HOPE, people will not put down the teaching profession rather, they will be proud of it.

  6. I come to realize that teaching somehow is a sacrifice, trying to give one’s best for the sake of your students. And somehow, the source of my strength in fulfilling this noble profession is my faith in God. I could still remember the advice of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Dominic “pray deeply before you preach for the power of prayer could make your preaching soften even the most hardened of sinners.” As I reflect about this thought, I realized that in practicing this noble profession, I must rely not on myself alone, but also to rely to the greatest teacher, the source of all wisdom and knowledge, “JESUS CHRIST.” Somehow teaching Christian Living is not just a lesson for me, it’s proclaiming God’s love. It’s not a profession alone, it’s a vocation. It’s not just a choice, it’s a calling.

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