The IsulongSEOPH – SELaplana

This monday, July 3, 2006 Go-ogle guy made a short talk regarding the two words: “Isulong” and “SEOPH” or the Isulong SEOPH which is used as the main search-keywords in the Isulong SEOPH contest.

One half of the phrase “Isulong SEOPH” is in Tagalog (come on, as if ‘Pilipino’ wasn’t 90% Tagalog in the first place). Roughly translated, “Isulong SEOPH” (or “Isulong SEO Philippines”) means “Onwards SEO Philippines”. (source)

But before we get serious on the Isulong SEOPH contest, let’s first take the hot Taho for our morning snack.

In the Isulong SEOPH world, a favorite morning snack is taho. It is basically cooked soy beans blended into a smooth gel-like paste. To add flavor to an otherwise bland snack, you add some sweet syrup (caramelized sugar). You can also put sago or tapioca on top of it. (source)

But I wish, you’ll never forget the Isulong SEOPH contest after you finished taking the Hot Taho as experienced by a lady SEOPH contestant, and the result is, her site is now dropping from the Google Philippines Search Result Pages.

I have not been online yesterday to post for Isulong SEOPH … aaaahhh now my page 2 was lost … and I am now on the 4th page of Google. Poor me … but I think from this day … no one could stop me from climbing. (source)

If you experienced the same, let’s just try to share good news about latest craze on the digital camera and SuperMan.


I don’t know what to post on my Isulong SEOPH site. And I even lost words what to say about the contest. So, instead of wandering around the internet, I rather write a carnival post for the Isulong SEOPH sites updates.

Email us at webspy85 [at] yahhoo [dot] com if you want me to add your post related to Isulong SEOPH here with the subject: Isulong SEOPH Carnival, or ping Technorati as you update your Isulong SEOPH site because I am gathering information through the Technorati Search result for the Isulong SEOPH keywords.

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