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Goodbye Solo

In the KBS TV series Goodbye Solo, a diverse group of characters from different generations, each hailing from a variety of backgrounds live out their seemingly unrelated lives, only to find themselves connecting with one another in surprising ways! Chun Jung Myung (Fashion 70s) stars as Kim Min Ho, a gregarious young man born into a life of privilege. Although the son of a prominent businessman, he decides to make it on his own as a waiter at a caf� named “Sky.” Chung Soo Hee (played by Yoon So Yi from Tell Me You Love Me) falls in love with Min Ho; one problem though – he’s both a pal and a roommate of her boyfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn (Lee Han), a man who’s one wish in life is to relieve the financial burden plaguing his disabled parents and younger brother.

As if that weren’t complicated enough, there’s the outgoing, yet self-doubting Choi Mi Ri (Kim Min Hee) who is actually Min Ho’s first love. Even so, she now finds herself in love with a penitent gangster named Kang Ho Chul (Lee Jae Ryong). Joining this ragtag group of characters is Oh Young Sook (played by Bae Jong Ok, from My Trembling Heart), a woman who disguises herself behind a lie. Connecting all these disparate strands is the mute owner of a local eating establishment, an old woman named Mi Young (Na Moon Hee of My Lovely Sam Soon fame). When taken as a whole, the separate plots of Goodbye Solo begin to reveal a common theme – the idea that everyone is beautiful?just the way they are!

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