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I recently acquired the SMART Money Card after personalizing my SMART Money Account, as shown on the image above. I immediately tested it by sending my payment for the PinoyBlogger.Com renewal fee to its host and I found it more convenient than depositing payment through Bank to Bank.

Smart Money

About the SMART Money:

SMART Money is the first and most innovative card linked to a wireless phone (SMART phone) and will be offered as a value-added feature to all Gold and Buddy subscribers. With SMART Money, the combined strength of SMART’s mobile services and MasterCard’s wide merchant acceptance network, consumers are able to enjoy a new array of services not available in today’s market place.

Try it and tell us what you think about it. You can also read my post about Smart Bro.

personal loans in between paychecks

Cellphone For Family Planning – SELaplana

I am very much interested to purchase the latest mobile phone released by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Inc. which is capable of reminding the wife on her fertility period.

A new mobile phone available through Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Inc. (9437.T: Quote, NEWS, Research) can ring to let would-be mothers know when they reach the most fertile part of their monthly reproductive cycles. (source)

This mobile phone will alert her three days before the ovulation period and on also on that very day.

By tapping in data on menstruation dates, the user can program the phone to alert her three days before ovulation and again on the day. The company warns that the calculations are based on average cycles. (ibid)

Eventhough this phone is created due to the shrinking population of Japan, I can also use this as an alarm to avoid unsafe sex.

Pirated Office User Reply to Microsoft – SELaplana

It was announced that anyone using a pirated version of Microsoft Office couldn’t download anymore templates from the Office Download.

As of October 27 last week, anyone using a pirated version of Office will no longer be able to download Office templates or other Office downloads. From January 2007, pirated Office users will no longer be able to check for and download Office updates. (source)

My friend replied, “So what if I can’t download templates from the Office Downloads. Anyway, I never downloaded any from that site.

I even told her that according to the news, “If you’re not legal, you won’t be able to update Office, and will have to run the risk that documents you receive from others don’t contain threats that could damage your system.(ibid.)”

She then replied, “Well, there’s no problem with that. Anyway, I can still use my unlicensed copy of MS Office without any hassle. Microsoft can only check the authenticity of my MS Office copy if I will connect to their site.

Anyway, she got her reasons, but using the pirated copy of any software is still not good and can be considered theft.

Links in Emails? Be Careful! – SELaplana

I receive an email from the E-Banking program of a particular bank which reminds me to be careful on links posted in emails and adviced me to do the following:

1. Be wary of clicking on links in email messages. Avoid clicking on any link on an email message unless you are very sure of the destination. Phishing usually are links contained in email messages and when you click on the link it will often take you directly to a phony site where you could unwittingly input your personal or financial information.

2. You can visit the Web site of the company from whom the e-mail appears to be from and take the time to notify them of the suspicious e-mail. Many companies do want to know if their company name is being used to try and scam people, and you’ll find scam and spoof reporting links within some of these Web sites.

3. Another important thing to realize is that no legitimate business will ever send an e-mail asking for sensitive personal or financial information. No legitimate company would do this unless they would be essentially giving its customers a heck of a good reason to take their business elsewhere! It’s just bad business.

4. Review credit card and bank account statements as soon as you receive them to check for unauthorized charges. If your statement is late by more than a couple of days, call your credit card company or bank to confirm your billing address and account balances.

5. Be cautious about opening any attachment or downloading any files from emails you receive, regardless of who sent them. These files can contain viruses or other software that can weaken your computer’s security.

6. Do not enter personal or financial information into pop-up windows it is a common technique of phishing to launch a fake pop-up window when someone clicks on a link in a phishing email message. To make the pop-up window more convincing it will be displayed in a window you trust. In any case do not input personal or financial information into pop-up windows since you cannot validate the security certificate of such pop-up windows. Please close these immediately by clicking on the X button on the upper right hand corner.

7. Always check for the security certificate whenever entering sensitive information on a web site. You can check Security certificates by looking into the yellow lock on the lower right of the status bar of your internet explorer (similar to figure below). If the lock is closed this signifies that the web site is using encryption to protect you when you enter sensitive information onto the web site. This symbol may only be present when the web site is requesting you for your information. Unfortunately even the lock icon can be fake. So to increase your safety double click on the lock icon on the lower right corner of your internet explorer (see figure below), it will display the security certificate of the site. The name following issued to should indicate the name of the web site, if not, then it is a fake or spoofed web site.

8. Do type URL addresses directly into your browser or use your personal bookmark. If you need to update account information or your password type the URL address directly in the URL address box similar to the figure below.

“The more awareness people have about these malicious scams, the better off we all will be.”

I wonder if there are E-Banking accounts that have been already attacked by phishers.

Bloggers’ Sony Ericsson Z610i Camera Phone – SELaplana

Sony Ericsson Z610

I was thinking of purchasing a Sony Ericsson Z610i Camera Phone for my blogging jobs.

The Sony Ericsson Z610i is a 2.0 megapixel digital camera wherein you can automatically post the photos you took into your blog.

This Camera Phone is actually a 3G phone. In other words, this phone can’t be used only in simple text and call functions but also in sophisticated ones like sending emails in speed and video calls. On Video calls, you can even switch it to video call camera and main camera, and when using the Sony Ericsson Z610i as the main camera, you can show the things you see to the person you are talking with through the video call system.

And if you feel bored during the days, make use of play and music features of this phone. You can play 3D games or hear music tracks .

As of the time of writing this post, the Sony Ericsson Z610i is still upcoming to the Philippine Market.

A Dirty Carnival – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana


When you’re a poet, life assumes different shades of gray. After debuting with 2002′s eclectic Marriage is a Crazy Thing, poet-turned-director Yoo Ha switched his focus to the dark days of his youth during Park Chung Hee’s presidency, mainly characterized by violence, violence, and more violence. From such memories, Once Upon a Time in High School starring Kwon Sang Woo was born. A few years down the road, Yoo is back with A Dirty Carnival, another chapter in what looks to be a violence trilogy.

Byung Doo (Cho In Sung of Something Happened in Bali) is a third-rate gangster roaming the streets. He is disrespected by his juniors in the organization and carries the burden of taking care of his ill mother and two brothers. Even his only source of extra money, a run down arcade room, is stolen by one of his associates under his eyes. But finally luck comes knocking at the door. Mr. Hwang (Chun Ho Jin of All For Love and Crying Fist) offers Byung Doo a deal he can’t refuse, a deal that could solve all his problems. But nothing’s free in this world…

The Benefits of Blogging – On Blogging Series – SELaplana

Last week, I went to Tacloban City (Philippines) to apply for the SMART Bro (Smart Wi-fi) connection which turned into failure because SMART Bro is not yet available in a particular place. However, I met a new friend who was my recruit to be a blogger. During our conversation, he asked me the benefits of blogging to a blogger.

What are the benefits of blogging? Actually, there are many benefits that we might gain in blogging. It varies from one blogger to another. Below are some benefits that I gained from my several years of blogging.

1. Learn to write journals and Enhance skills in writing

To let you know, I was really bad in writing essay, stories or anything in English. Even on this post, you’ll notice how bad is my writing. But at least my writing skill is better now than before.

2. Find friends

It’s already three years since a started blogging. And I found blogging helpful for me to find new friends, especially during local blogger-meetings. Those who attend the blogger meet-up organized by some organization and blogger-celebrities find more friends than me.

3. Earn Dollar

At first I thought blogging is just like a play. But it’s not only that, you can earn money through your blog too. Lot of companies are now interested to buy space on blogs. And not only by publishing advertisements a blogger can earn money, you can sell products too through your blog.

Of course, these are not the only benefits that I have while blogging. If you want to experience these benefits and the other things which I didn’t include, then try blogging and made it your passion.

Hackers Adsense on Hacked Forums – SELaplana

I don’t really know if it is possible that someone who has no admin access to an Invision Powered Forums can post his adsense ads on that forums.

It was actually reported on the Webmasters World that such site published the adsense which is not of the forums owner:

A coworker called and said that there was an error coming up on one of our sites. It is a message board. In I.E., there is a message “You are not authorized to view this page” in the middle of the page. The rest of the site works, but on the home page, this message appears. I checked the source and where that message appears is the script for adsense, at least I’m pretty sure it is anyhow.