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Silence now comes with making-of features and photos from the TV series!

Silence no doubt is one of the recent dramas to keep an eye out for. It stars a dream cast led by Vic Chou from the renowned Taiwanese group F4 and Korean actress Park Eun Hye who starred in Dae Jang Geum alongside Lee Young Ae. Mando-pop singer Megan Lai and Canto-pop idol Andy Hui also join the cast of this romantic TV drama about a love that is brewed in silence. Vic Chou stars as an arrogant young man born to an entrepreneur family, and Park Eun Hye is a mute girl who cannot voice out her feelings to others.

Vic Chou is Wei Yi, a 25-year-old young man who has just taken over his father’s business. On his first day on board, he decides to carry out a massive lay-off. An assertive leader, Wei Yi suddenly faces his greatest blow in life when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness which leaves him three months’ time to live. He has never forgotten a girl named Shen Shen whom he met when he was 12 years old. She lost her voice and her mother in a car accident then, and the two kids promised to meet again 13 years later. Now 25 years old, Shen Shen (Park Eun Hye) has been living with long-time friend Jun (Andy Hui) and his father. Misunderstandings abound when the two childhood sweethearts unknowingly meet up again, as it turns out Shen Shen’s uncle is one of the lay-offs.Buy at YesAsia

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  1. hello park eun hye!!! i hope you will visit here in the philippines!!!park eun hye your so cute!!!i love your new drama!!!silence

  2. hi johhny and carol….

    im so inspired with ur movie..i hope u will visit here in the philippines…and i want to see you in personal…but i think it is impossible for me to give this kind of opportunity….

    love u vic and carol…

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