Make Money With AStore

I know lot of us have joined the Amazon Associates to earn additional dollars from the products sold through our sites. Now that the Amazon’s AStore has been made live from its months of beta testing, Amazon Associates can now earn more through this new Amazon Services.

What can we do with this? Well, there are two ways we can earn dollars through the Amazon Astore:

  1. Earn commission from the products sold through our AStore.
  2. Earn Additional compensation from the Adsense Ads published on our AStore.

Those who tried the AStore already might be wondering how could they earn dollars through Adsense with in fact the AStore couldn’t be customized by inserting Adsense codes.  Of course, that’s true… We couldn’t inserted any codes into our AStore. But, I know that you know that we can embedded our AStore into our site using the frames and iframes.

Just take a look at my online store here. I actually embedded the AStore using the iframes. I am not good in programming nor in site designing, that’s why my store is not really good. However, even if I am not finished embedding AStore into my site but I am already earning dollars through the Adsense installed on that Online Store.

Try it now and who knows you’ll earn much than what I earned.

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