Pinay Teen Sex: An Experiment

I know that you knew already that when we will search “Pinay Teen Sex” through any of the Search Engines, the result will be the list of sites selling video and images of Filipina (Pinay, Filipino Women) in nude or having sex with someone.

With this, I am thinking actually of an experiment that will let the search engines refer those internet users who are looking for materials related to Pinay Teen Sex, to this blog. And this can be done of course when this blog will be listed at the top most rank when searching for the “Pinay Teen Sex“.

I actually did this before but not on “Pinay Teen Sex” but on “Southern Leyte Blogger“. And the result is quiet successful. Look at the screen shot below. That was actually the SERP when searching for the “Southern Leyte Blogger” using the Google Search Engine.

Southern Leyte Blogger

Of course, the technique used here is also the one used in Google Bombing.

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9 thoughts on “Pinay Teen Sex: An Experiment”

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  2. Celebrity Gossip is awesome. I remember when Britany shaved her head and I searched all over the internet just to show my friends what she looked like. Do you have a Brittany section on this site.

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