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Love TrulyPlayful, charming, and laugh-out-loud funny, MBC drama Love Truly, a.k.a. Really Really Like You, brings romance to the Blue House. K-pop singer Eugene (Wonderful Life) sheds her pop idol image by embracing the character of an endearingly brassy and bumbling country girl, complete with a spot-on village accent. Competing for Eugene’s affections are Ryu Jin (Seo Dong Yo), who portrays the President’s son, and rising star Lee Min Ki (Be Strong Geum Soon), who has been raising eyebrows recently with his performance opposite Chae Rim in Spring of Dalja. This romantic triangle plays out in the hallowed hallways of the Blue House (official residence of South Korea’s president), bringing an interesting new twist to the story.

Cheerful country girl Bong Soon (Eugene) rescues an injured man (Ryu Jin) near her village one day, and the two become good friends. Little does she know, the man she rescued is none other than the President’s son Jang Joon Won. Later on, Bong Soon moves to Seoul to look for her long-lost parents and becomes an assistant cook at the Blue House. She constantly clashes with Joon Won’s hot-tempered bodyguard Bong Ki (Lee Min Ki), but the two keep growing closer over time. Already torn between her crush on Joon Woon, who has a young daughter and an ill wife, and a blossoming relationship with Bong Ki, Bong Soon gets even more confused when the mystery of her identity begins to unravel.

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