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It seems that companies do hate Youtube to host their video content. After Viacom pulled off their content from Youtube and made a deal with Joost, now it’s OSCAR ordered Youtube to pull down OSCAR content from the site, as reported by Mashable.

But the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t want that exposure. They’ve ordered YouTube to pull down Oscars clips today – something we learned after a Mashable reader had his videos unceremoniously pulled earlier. His clips have been replaced with the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.”

They did it to protect their brand…

Screw that. This is bad for consumers and ultimately bad for the Oscars, which is, after all, a brand. Lock the clips away, and nobody will bother talking about the brand anymore. In fact, as the LATimes pointed out this week, it seems that YouTube and MySpace have already stolen Hollywood’s crown, with consumers more interested in their own celebrity status, and more concerned with the day-to-day lives of celebs than the movies they promote.

Okay, they got the point. But ordering Youtube to pull those stuffs down is not the best remedy here. And I am sure, next time, OSCARS content will be again flooding the Youtube.

So, what should be the best remedy? Of course forming a deal with Youtube is one, however, Mark Cuban’s idea is best too:

To capture Youtube viewers, the first step would be to OVERWHELM Youtube with partial clips of full length that tease Youtube users and point them to Oscars.com. For this Will Ferrell clip, I would have created a video that showed the first 10 secs of the clip, then had 4 minutes of a billboard that said ” Great videos from the Oscars telecast and exclusive behind the scenes videos are all available at Oscars.com”

That is… making Youtube or Google Video their marketers of their contents by taking advantage of the services and its traffic. I actually have proven this through my amateur videos uploaded to YouTube.

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