Sasuke Defeated Orochimaru – Naruto Manga Chapter 346

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Naruto Manga - Sasuke, Orchimaru

I am glad that Sasuke was not totally owned by Orochimaru. With the Naruto Manga Chapter 346, we’re told that Orochimaru’s ritual is nothing while in Sasuke’s world through his Mangekyuu Sharingan.

Actually, Orochimaru successfully brought Sasuke into his soul ritual. But then, it only happens that the Mangekyu Sharingan of Sasuke can create a world of his own and send his opponent to that world and attack them through a scary vision. The opponent eventually think that the vision is real for he really feel hurt of what ever vision he saw. So, Orochimaru fell into that trap and eventually lost his existence.

Orochimaru who is known for his immortality jutsu realized after all that his not immortal and that his strength is not as strong as the new generation ninjas.

With our previous question, whether Sasuke will let Orochimaru own his body, the answer is Sasuke didn’t allow Orochimaru to do this, because Orochimaru didn’t deserve an Uchiha body.

I wish, I have that kind of eyes…

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19 thoughts on “Sasuke Defeated Orochimaru – Naruto Manga Chapter 346”

  1. I am not shere wich it was but I do think that naruto,sakura,kakashi,and all of his frinds and child hood past(I maen how he grow up there and all)had a mager afect on his atitud torg orochimaru.But I still am not to shere which it was?=(

  2. To be honest. I think its the the most annoying chapter as of yet. I predicted from when sasuke entered orochimarus hideout the first time that he would grow more powerful and kill orochimaru, simply because thats what happens 90% of the time, when the author start bringing in subjects like, the pubil vs his master or the new generation surpassing the former one. It was such a thorn in my eye that naruto jumped in the basket with all the other manga’s and rolled around in the basket of morality instead of taking a step forward and be original as they were in the beginning of the manga. Also, im quite annoyed by the pages where it shows that Itachi defeats orochimaru, just like that. When Itachi and Kisame faces Jiraya, Naruto and sasuke (Naruto without his chakra since it was tempoarily devoured by kisames sword, and sasuke getting intimate with the floor) they run for because itachi states that they would suffer heavy injuries and in the worst case, both sides would die… uummm… that doesn’t fit well into the frame of the story when we take into consideration that orochimaru has to fight hard not to laugh at jiraya’s lack of power whenever they see eachother. So all in all i think its fine that sasuke remains as a character, but i would certainly have enjoyed it much more if orochimaru had taken him over and kicked sasuke out of the series. Just to take the plot in an unknown direction you know. everyone asumed that sasuke would defeat orochimaru and it stings just to watch the chapter where its determined that youre right and that now you can pretty much guess the entire plot till the end. By my guessing it will be going like this:

    Sasuke will establish some form of sceme to eventually be able to kill itachi. Naruto will try to make him return to konoha in vain and will likely end up killing him the process. The other genins will have biplots or roles of minor significanse perhaps with the possible exception of hinata, who could prove to be motivation (for instance the classical *getting killed, confirming her love with her dying breath* trick or by becoming romantically involved with naruto, rather than it being sakura(which i would only approve)) or as mentioned, a future romance of naruto’s. Sakura will have a romance with naruto just as likely as hinata, but will possibly also serve to get killed by sasuke instead. Naruto will turn up to be the son of the 4th hokage and the kyuubi will break the seal and thrash the world, except, that it will get defeated by either Sasuke or Naruto or possibly both, or one of them recieving motivation or spiritual guidance from the other. And then finaly it will end with a glorious view of konoha accompanied by a glorious sunrise…

    tsk… At least thats the direction i feel the plot going. DAMNIT!!!….

    That felt good. getting all the frustration out^^. as for the sharingan question. Sasuke is not likely to use mangekyou. He didn’t meet the requirement and also he specifically states that he will not follow itachi’s planned course of action (which includes sasuke getting the mangekyou sharingan). While we can debate that kakashi has the mangekyou sharingan and did not meet the requirement either, it could be that simply took the responsibility of Obito’s death upon his own shoulder to such a degree that it passes as the requirement, or he could be a more bad-ass copy ninja than anyone imagined. He states himself that he is unable to copy bloodline-limit jutsu, but who knows what he might be able to at this point in the series.

  3. Yes it is confirmed that Sasuke beat Orochimaru, but i am wondering if Sasuke>Orochimaru, and Orochimaru>Jiraiya who Itachi says would be able to tie with him, does that mean Sasuke can kill Itachi/ And if that is the case he can own Naruto no problem? Can someone help me with this?

  4. If he revives his clan he either has to taint the uchiha blood or find another member of the clan who wasn’t killed. But by my guessing he won’t live to see his ambitions come true. and if any, then i’d be killing Itachi.

  5. I ain’t. Its all goin the way i predicted… at least up till the point i’ve read, which is the chapter where “”XXX((SPOILER))XXX” He quick-steps and slashes the guy who uses his curse seal at lvl 2.

    However as said its all going the way i predicted… if not to say feared.

    Sasuke is making a group of his own… all of them powerful individuals, who will serve some funny purpose of his. perhaps just be his muscle or doing some other funny stuff for him. This is quite possibly the so-called “scheme” i mentioned above.

    However i read the manga chapter where orochimaru gets defeated in his own dimension again, and i nurture a small, shimmering spark of hope, that orochimaru will remain dormant inside sasuke and then fuck with him later… which is lkely not happening. Still… one is allowed to hope.

    I say this cause when kabuto ask’s if he’d killed orochimaru sasuke answers that he just took him over.

    Fingers crossed on my part.

  6. What i think has happened is that sasuke has achieved the mangekyou sharingan, because in the early episodes Naruto and Sasuke were best freinds and sasuke would have had to kill naruto to posses the evolved sharingan, so maybe he thought about that and decided to go with orochimaru and stay with him so they become allies and even freinds so when orochimaru turns on him,sasuke will kill him he will fill the requirements of the mangekyou and be able to get rid of Orochimaru for good. so essentially killing two birds with one stone

  7. Sasuke did not have MS when he beat Orochimaru because he
    hadn’t killed someone close to him. Futhermore Sasuke has just received his MS in chapter 402. Because of Sasuke’s sharingan it was easier for him to catch Orochimaru in a genjustu and Sasuke hadn’t killed he just took him over.

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