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I am now getting crazy thinking about A-List… what is it? how did it exist?

At first, I thought there are those who categorized bloggers using this concept of A-List to Z-List, wherein the A-List is the top most ranked bloggers and Z-List are those dumb bloggers who are blogging nonsense things (I think I belong here :-( ). They are ranked of course based on their popularity (technorati, feed, alexa, backlinks, comments etc). Other’s ranked them through the buzzing effect of the blogposts they made on their blogs.

But Calacanis argued that A-List doesn’t exist. And what exist is the blue-collar bloggers like me who signed-up PayPerPost, BlogToProfit, ReviewMe, Blogitive and whatever which give us the chance to earn Dollar for our living.

Okay, I agree that Blue-Collar Bloggers do exist, because I’m one of them. That’s how these A-List (as we class them) bloggers call us. But I also agree that A-List bloggers do exist and we can make them exist because bloggers who have the A-List characteristics do exist.

Tony has this thought:

The “A-list” exists, and it exists naturally. Do I think some of them “call it in”? Sure. But some of them also continue to blog just as hard as they do when they first started. But to think that a natural stratification doesn’t exist — or if it does, is easy to penetrate if you “are good and work hard” — is quite frankly, blind and a little arrogant.

Now, it’s up to you how you categorized bloggers whether using collar (blue and white) and using list (from A to Z) concept.

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  1. maybe the reason why Calacanis said that there is no A List blogger, is because it was not clearly defined what A-List or Z-List bloggers

    So, it seems that using the collar in categorizing or classifying bloggers is better. That is, there are white collar bloggers like calacanis, scoble, shoemoney and others…. and there are blue collar bloggers like me and the other bloggers who strive hard to earn something out of their blogs.

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