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Finally, Matt Cutts talked about the ad campaign for InformationRevolution which is believed to be supported if not founded by the Ask.Com.

Matt Cutts tried to site-search the the site for this ad campaign using the Google search engine and the Ask search engine as well. The result seems favored the Google search engine as better compared to the Ask.Com’s search engine. See the result below (images by Matt Cutts):

Google Site-Search Result:

Google Search Result

Ask Site-Search Result:

Ask Search Result

Matt commented:

Doh! Ask doesn’t have even a single page from its own ad campaign site, and Google indexes the “information revolution” much better than Ask does. :) So this entire advertising campaign puts Ask in an awkward position:
– If Ask crawls the domain now, it’s open to questions of search favoritism, e.g. “Did Ask do any special crawling for that other webmasters don’t get?”
– If Ask doesn’t crawl the domain, the whole campaign may collapse in self-referential irony. Every time you see a TV commercial urging “search sleepers” to wake up or posters advertising the revolution, people may instead chat about how Ask did worse than most competitors on the domain that it created (Yahoo had three results when I checked today and Live had zero results).

Well, everybody knows that Google is better compared to Ask, even Yahoo!.

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