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I noticed early this morning that more or less 100 unique visitors find this blog, through my post on “Pinay Teen Sex Experiment“, while searching for “Pinay Sex Free”. This result can be considered as our success in the SEO experiments that we did.

But there’s something that it tells us also. Let’s take note that most of the users referred to our blog through the said searches are US users. And they are looking for free sex services by Pinay. Does it mean that free pinay sex online is really available? Does it mean that free sex by Pinay online is popular in US? Is this the reason why lot of women here in Maasin are making themselves available online through the Yahoo! Messenger (YM) and Skype?

Let’s find it out…

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19 thoughts on “Looking for Free Pinay Sex”

  1. I think you should deviate from the norm by not using these traffic-increasing techniques, and try natural traffic-increasing.

    Even though my website gets like 40 unique visitors a day, I still feel good knowing that i’m building a growing fanbase through funny & educational blogging…

    good luck Selaplana!

    Long-time reader & avid fan,

  2. hi sino pede mka chat d2?taga san mateo rizal ako boundary lng yun ng marikina at quezon city…..kung cno interesado u cn kol me or iwan ka lng message d2.0906 3838 368..thanks or try my email joeymanahan17.y.c

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