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Kathy Siera is just one of the bloggers who are being threatened by fellow bloggers. I don’t know if the threat is just part of the jokes they made about Kathy. But I don’t think joking like this is funny. Mathew call it “the dark side of anonymity”.

Well, I already experienced being threatened not by fellow bloggers but by fellow forumers. Since 1999, I was already actively participating in forums discussing about religion. I defended my faith as member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) and they also defended their own. During the discussions, there were other forumers (mostly Catholics) wrote threatening post in forums against me and other INCs in the forum especially when their ego were touched by my ( or our ) arguments which sometimes contain insulting truths.

When I created a personal site (The Way To Salvation at which was later hacked by a member of the Ang Dating Daan) which talked about the doctrines and practices of religions or sects that exist in the Philippines, some of the Catholics (visitors of the site) sent me emails telling me that they would kill me if they’d met me because of what I said on that site.

My online activities (engaging with online debates and discussions) continued behind those threats that I received, until few of my major sites were hacked by members of the Ang Dating Daan.

Back to Kathy’s story, Robert Scoble decided to stop blogging as his way of support to her.

So, since she doesn’t feel safe. I’m going to stop blogging in support of Kathy, who I consider a friend and someone who’s voice would be dearly missed here. I’ll be back Monday.

We’ll just hope that joke like this will be stopped and be avoided. Everybody is free to criticize the works, the blogs, and the thoughts of other bloggers. But please don’t post threatening post or comments.

Thank you!

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