Can you really earn money from the ads of the AuctionPH?

Can you really earn money from the ads of the AuctionPH as much as you earn Dollars from other affiliates?

Absolutely, Yes! There’s a big possibility that a Pinoy Blogger like you will earn money better than your earnings from other affiliates. I just don’t know when.

Remember that you will be paid if the buyers you referred through the ads published on your blogs buy items and the commission will be “per transaction”. In other words, if one of the referred buyers buy 10 items, then you’ll receive PhP60.00, which is equivalent to $1.2 at PhP50.00 per $1.

Well, $1.2 for 10 items is really small (too low) compared to how Amazon pay you. However, just like what I said before, it’s already a good way of expanding your online income. Consider this message from one of the AuctionPH team members:

Also, Ad Auction is still on its infancy stage. Very very young. That is why our commission scheme is not permanent. Depending on the receptiveness of bloggers, potential online buyers (through your blog), and success of the endeavor as a whole, this will change foreverybody’s benefit.

If you haven’t try it, visit now this page. Then share your experience with us.

Google’s Advice, Update Your Anti-Virus Software – SELaplana

Google has responded on the security problems experienced by Adword and Google Search Engine users:

Google is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our users and our advertisers. We actively work to detect and remove sites that serve malware in both our ad network and in our search results. We have manual and automated processes in place to detect and enforce these policies, and products such as Google Toolbar that actively seek out and alert users when they access malicious or suspicious sites. We feel a responsibility to protect the security and safety of our users and advertisers, and recognize that secure products are instrumental in maintaining your trust.

And advise us to update our anti-virus softwares:

We strongly encourage all of our users and advertisers to keep up-to-date antivirus protection on their computers and regularly run system scans. As a general rule of thumb, individuals should also take care to create complex passwords, change them frequently, and only use them on known or trusted (non-public) computers. Antivirus software (such as Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor) and instructions for use are available for free as part of Google Pack.

Sold at eBay, Delivered by Amazon

Sold at eBay, Delivered by Amazon…. Sounds interesting. Sometime, I couldn’t believe that the two competiting sites can actually work like that. But would it happen?

Well, that was because Amazon has offered a new services. It is very much helpful to those companies selling items but want to save money from expenses in storing the items and shipping them to the buyers.

As it was reported, the Amazon offers to the third party sellers the storage and shipping services.

Basically, the third party will ship their goods to Amazon, to be stored in Amazon’s warehouse. At that point, Amazon will take care of storage, packaging, managing deliveries and handling returns.

So, the third party can now focus his full attention in selling at their own website or even in Google Products or at Amazon’s competitor, eBay. If someone buy items, Amazon will be the one to deliver the items to the seller.

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Chemical Engineer – Top Passers – April 2007

Phil Exam Results Home >> Chemical Engineer – April 2007 >>

The successful examinees who garnered the ten (10) highest ratings are the following



Phil Exam Results Home >> Chemical Engineer – April 2007 >>

Added My Online Gallery, Lessons Learned From My Trip To Mt. Tabjon – SELaplana

My recent acquisition of the Honda XRM from my earning in blogging help me ease my travel to the places I want to go. Last Friday, April 28, 2007, I climbed the Mt. Tabjon in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte using the said motorcycle and stayed there for a day. There’s a lot of beautiful scenes and places that I wanted to shoot but just unlucky because my camera’s battery got drained, and I forgot to bring any reserved battery.

Got to learn lessons from that trip:

  1. Bring fully charged camera batteries.
  2. Bring Umbrella
  3. Bring extra money
  4. Bring tools and extra interior just in case the motorcycle tire got deflated.

Anyway, I recently added an online gallery site for the photos I took. Seven photos were added into it:

Visit my Online Photo Gallery here.

3rd Batch – Link Exchange Program

I am glad that we finally have the 3rd batch for our Link Exchange Program. Our New participants are:

These links are also posted at our LINK page. For more details about our participants, visit our online Exchange Links – Spreadsheet.

On the other hand, I am sorry also to announce that I am withdrawing the link to the site “A website for Amateur and Professional Filipino Writers” because the site owner withdrawn the link from his site back to this blog. He’s just fooling me to publish a link by participating our Link Exchange program, and then after several weeks, he eventually withdraw the links from his site while looking for other webmaster and blogger to be fooled. So, my action is to use his suggested anchor texts to link back to one of my blogposts.

Join Our Exchange Link Program:

How to exchange link with this blog?

  1. Publish a link from your blog to this blog using any of the keywords such as “SELaplana“, “Southern Leyte Blogger” or “Leyteño Blogger” and the URL is ““.
  2. Email me at “selaplanadotcom [at] with the following info:
    • Subject: Exchange Link Program at SELaplana
    • Content: URL: [type here the URL of the page where the LINK to this blog has been posted], Keyword: [type here the keyword you want me to link to your blog], Blog: [type here the URL of your blog]
  3. Wait for my email confirming that your request has been received.
  4. Wait for my email telling you that the LINK has been posted already.

What are the benefits in participating the program:

  1. A link to the participating blog at the Announcement Post which will be posted every Monday.
  2. A link to the participating blog at this page.
  3. My daily visit to the participating blogs.
  4. Visits to the participating blogs by the visitors of this blog.

Protege – Chinese Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Award-winning directors Derek Yee (One Nite in Mongkok) and Peter Chan (Perhaps Love) collaborate in a film about the drug trade, as director and producer respectively. A high-quality work that stands out from the abundant crime flicks produced in Hong Kong recently, Protege features three of Hong Kong’s most popular actors – Andy Lau as a drug dealer, Louis Koo as a drug addict, and Daniel Wu as an undercover cop who becomes Andy Lau’s protege. Actress Zhang Jingchu from Seven Swords holds her own portraying a drug addict, bringing alive a complex character.

Delving into the mysterious drug world, Protege scrutinizes all facets of a huge drug empire, and at the same time engages viewers with its effective storytelling. Multiple perspectives and location shooting in Thailand help develop the dramatic story. While giving meticulous details about the heroin trade to bring out an anti-drug message, Derek Yee also does not lose sight on narrative and characterization, dealing with a serious topic in an interesting and compelling manner.


Andy Lau previously worked with Derek Yee in Full Throttle in 1995. Daniel Wu also received much applause for his role in Yee’s One Nite in Mongkok in 2004. Anita Yuen, who years ago earned a Best Actress statue through her performance in Yee’s C’est la Vie, Mon Cherie, agreed to guest star in the film even though she was pregnant at the time. They now re-unite with the acclaimed director to intrigue movie fans with a film that is as eye-opening as it is entertaining.

Buy at YesAsia

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Twins Mission – Chinese Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Twin MissionThe female duo Twins, consisting of Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi, have achieved great popularity as singers and as movie stars in the past six years. While each of them have starred in quite a few movies in recent years, they have not participated together in the same film project since Twins Effect II. Now Twins Mission not only reunites them on the silver screen, but also teams them with great action stars including the promising Wu Jing (SPL), reputable Sammo Hung, and Yuen Wah who have amused so many in Kung Fu Hustle. The two girls portray kung fu experts, holding their own in their fighting sequences among the more spectacular ones demonstrated by the veterans.

The film centers on an extraordinary martial arts school called “Twins”, whose members are all twins. Some former members now perform circus acts, including acrobats Pearl and Jade (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung). Another former member Lau Hay (Wu Jing), whose twin brother is gravely ill, is commissioned to protect the mysterious “Heaven’s Bead” from Tibet together with Uncle Luck (Sammo Hung). However, some evil former Twins members rob the precious bead, prompting Uncle Luck to seek help from ex-Twins leader Chang Chung (Yuen Wah). He then sends Pearl and Jade for a mission to uncover the “Heaven’s Bead”…

Buy at YesAsia

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Review Me – Review You Challenge – SELaplana

Last April 14, 2007, I announced the official start of Review Me challenge for all bloggers around the world. This program is similar to the Review Me program of John Chow where in John Chow will publish a link to your blog as the payment of those reviews made for him. So, to make it different with John Chow’s scheme, I changed it a little. If you will write a review about this blog, I will also write a review about your blog.

In other words, this program is an exchange of reviews of blogs… You’ll review this blog, I will also review your blog.

Here’s what you should do to participate our program (posted already here):

  1. Write a review (whether negative or positive) about this blog, from its design, topics, way of writing, bloggers behavior or anything you can say about this blog. You can even curse me, criticize me or whatever you want :-)
  2. Within your post, publish a link to this post using the anchor text “Join Review Me Challenge and Win“.
  3. Email us at with the following information (or you can use the Contact Us Form):
    • SUBJECT: Review Me Challenge
    • CONTENT: URL: [the URL of the review you posted on your blog], Anchor Text: [the anchor text you want me to link back to you]
  4. Wait for my reply informing you that I received your email.
  5. Wait for my email informing you that I already posted my short review and link back to your blog.


Some of the new bloggers don’t know how to write a review. So to give you hint about it, visit the page below:

  1. Gurbi’s Blogpost about me. What Gurbi wrote on this post is not really a review but a Feature Post. However, it can be considered already as a review. But there’s one thing that you include on your post if you will participate our Review Me Exchange program, you need to include this phrase with link, “Join Review Me Challenge and Win“.

Participate our Exchange Review now.

AuctionPH Payout Is Too Low – SELaplana

Last time, I posted several questions about the commission that an Ad AuctionPH publisher might earn from referring buyers of items from AuctionPH.

AuctionPH heard us and replied:

Ad publishers (AdAuction members) are entitled to 60% of the commission fee, which is currently at Php 10.00. So that means Php 6.00 for every successful transaction goes to the publisher.

In other words, if we want to earn PhP 1,000.00 we need to sell more or less 166 items. That’s too bad. I think it’s too hard for a publisher to earn that much because:

  1. The target customers for the items on sale are mostly Filipinos or non-Filipinos but are living in the Philippines.
  2. Most of the Filipinos are not yet accustom (I don’t know if it’s the right word, acustom) or used to or not practicing online buying.

And I think, it would be better for a blogger to publish the ads of the PC Security Shield because they’re paying the publishers at $20 or $15 per sale. $20 is PhP1,000 at the rate of Php50/$1, which means, if we successfully sold one PC Security Shield product we’ll be paid PhP1,000, which is really better compared to the offer of AuctionPH which is only PhP6.00.

Anyway, the commission rate promised by the AuctionPH will change from time to time:

Please note though that commission fees may be adjusted at any time by

But, it’s better if we’ll try it first, so sign-up now here.