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�(Naruto Anime Time)

Everybody knows that Gaara during his early days became harmful jinchuuriki ever. He killed everyone who hated him. But soon as he fought Naruto, Gaara had greatly changed through his understanding on what a bond is.

Gaara - Kazekage

�The dialogue of Gaara which was featured on the Naruto Shippuuden 5 touched me so much:

�In order to escape the path of loneliness, I have no choice but to work hard and make my own path. If I do that, then someday� someday I can be like him.

�That�s why as a Shinobi of the Sand, I�ll aim to be a Kazekage, so that I can live a life that is connected to my Village.

�I want to work hard so that others will accept my existence. That�s what I thought when I looked at Uzumaki Naruto. Up until now, my bonds with others have only been once of hatred and murder. But seeing him fight so hard made me wonder what a bond really is. I think I understand a little now. � Suffering, sadness, and joy� to be able o share it with others

�Uzumaki Naruto � When I fought him, I feel that is what he taught me. He experienced the same suffering as I. And he taught me how to change the life that I have. That�s why someday, I want my existence will become necessary to everyone, Not as a weapon to be feared, but as the Hidden Village of Sand�s Kazekage.�

And now is the time to show to his village that he really is the Sand�s Kazekage who is ready to protect the village even if it will ended up to his death.

The Naruto Shippuuden 6-7 (Naruto Shippuuden Special � Art is a Blast) showed us how Gaara offered his life for the sake of his village.

And let�s see what will happen next through the Naruto Shippuuden Episode 8.

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