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Another interesting story about Google is its acquisition of the DoubleClick advertising company for about $3.1Billion. It’s the report brought us by Google‘s blog:

At Google, we are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to make the information you want more accessible and more relevant—and to deliver it as fast as possible. Since Google’s inception, it has always been our intention to present users with highly targeted, useful advertisements when appropriate—ads that unobtrusively complement users experience. We have always believed in, and tirelessly pursued, the idea that serving relevant, unintrusive ads would best serve our advertisers in the long term.

It’s the biggest acquisition, I think, next to Youtube last year. And I think, Google has now the great advantage on Ad business considering the observation below (according to the New York Times) about the DoubleClick:

  1. DoubleClick provides display ads on websites like MySpace, The Wall Street Journal, and America Online.
  2. DoubleClick provides software to help those sites (mentioned above) maximize ad revenue.
  3. DoubleClick introduced a Nasdaq-like exchange for online ads.

This acquisition simply is a great move by Google (John Furrier), and tells us that Google really wants to dominate the online ad business, just like what Om pointed out. Duncan consider this as Google’s anti-competitive act or monopoly behaviour, and is clear way of making DoubleClick away from its competitor, Microsoft (Joe Duck).

Now that Google has the DoubleClick technology and partners, we’re made to wonder how Google and DoubleClick technologies go together without harming their own partners, just like what Andy Beal wondered:

It will be interesting to see how Google goes about integrating AdWords with DoubleClick, especially as DoubleClick’s new ad exchange is open to Google’s competitors.

However, we’re sure that the data that DoubleClick has will help Google’s Search and Ad serving become better (Steve Rubel).

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