Review-Me Challenge, Win Free Review and Link Too

Note: This promo is not available already.

Just like what I said before, I was really planning to launch a Review-Me challenge inspired by John Chow‘s similar program. And I think, it’s now the right time to start it.

What Would You Do?

  1. Write a review (whether negative or positive) about this blog, from its design, topics, way of writing, bloggers behavior or anything you can say about this blog. You can even curse me, criticize me or whatever you want :-)
  2. Within your post, publish a link to this post using the anchor text “Join Review Me Challenge and Win“.
  3. Email us at [email protected] with the following information (or you can use the Contact Us Form):
    • SUBJECT: Review Me Challenge
    • CONTENT: URL: [the URL of the review you posted on your blog], Anchor Text: [the anchor text you want me to link back to you]
  4. Wait for my reply informing you that I received your email.
  5. Wait for my email informing you that I already posted my short review and link back to your blog.

What’s the advantage of joining this challenge?

  1. Free short review about your blog.
  2. Free backlink to your blog.
  3. Free blog promotion to this blog’s visitors (more or less 2,000 visitors with more or less 170 feed subscribers) which might become your blog’s frequent visitors, feed subscriber or ad visitor.

Join now!

Start writing about this blog and email me immediately.

Good luck!

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