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When Google announced the launching of Docs and Spreadsheets, I immediately thought of when would Google release the Presentation or “Powerpoint” App. Google secretly work for it. And now, Sam announced today the acquisition of Tonic System, the team that owns a technology on presentation creation and document conversion, and is responsible for the creation of Google’s Presentation app. Google CEO confirmed it.

“We don’t think its a competitor to Microsoft Office,” Schmidt said. “It’s casual and sharing and a better fit to how people use the Web. My guess is many companies in the audience are building products like this or other variants of this using the emerging architecture.” (here)

Om is actually not alone wondering:

Am I alone in wondering why Google, a company with more neurosterone (my term for ’smart hormones + wallet muscle’) than any other Internet company in history, would waste its resources buying a start-up like Tonic Systems to roll out a product which is, at best, a faded, web-age facsimile of Powerpoint?

I was even thinking of it.

Andy asked why Google acquire Tonic when in fact Google is building its own technology. And my answer is: It’s because Google failed to build a Presentation app without using the technology of the Tonic System. Google simply wants to produce best result, best presentation software. Garett has this idea:

You can technically create and read Microsoft Office compatible documents — but the formatting is not reliable between the two. It appears that Tonic may have the answer to this problem after looking closer at the company.

So much for that… you can find more talks about it here, here, and snapshot of the app here.

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