Froogle Demise, Yahoo! Meets PayPal – SELaplana

Yahoo! announced yesterday that they’re partnering with PayPal and integrating the PayPal service with the Yahoo! search results.

For these reasons, today I’m personally very happy to announce that we have formed a partnership with PayPal, the most widely accepted checkout service on the web. We are integrating PayPal into Yahoo! Search, enabling people to checkout faster and with greater security when they make online purchases. Beginning today, when you search for a product on Yahoo! Search you will see little blue shopping cart icons next to some of our merchant listings.

Search Engine Roundtable consider it as Yahoo!’s attempt to improve consumers shopping experience but then a copy-cut version (according to Startup Meme) of the Google Search Results with Google Checkout.

Mentioning Google Checkout, the news about the de-branding of Google’s Froogle came into my mind. It’s again a clear proof that Froogle didn’t grow much according to what Google expected, thus forced them to kill it. However, the search for products remains and is now called “Google Product Search“.

they’re talking about Google Product Search here, here, here,

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