Virginia Tech Killer, A Vlogger

When I first noticed the news about the Virginia Tech massacre (through the Yahoo! Mail), I really started to compose blogposts that should be posted on this blog. But then, my mind failed to work because it was disturbed by the images (created by my mind itself) of what had happened. Liz Gannes maybe experienced the same while composing her own blogpost.

I scanned the web for any thing about it but only the press talked about it.

Yesterday, I was surprised to know that the killer was a Vlogger, Vlogging on what had happened on that day and other grievances on the world around him. The videos were sent via snail mail to NBC after the first shootings deed in their dorm and before the final shootings at the campus.

After learning it, I scanned the Youtube for videos that  Cho Seung-Hui, the South Korean and Virginia Teck killer, might uploaded. I also tried to track down blogposts from Cho but found nothing.

Well, the MSNBC made the videos online but not all. Dave Winer made a petition here to MSNBC to upload the videos in full.

more talks here, and here.

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