80% of Blogs are Offensive, According to Report

According to the report (march 2007), 80% of the blog hosted offensive materials ranging from adult language to hate content, pornographic materials and malware:

Blogs are known to be a free-for-all for “expressive” content, but according to a new report by ScanSafe, a vast majority of blogs host content that is considered “offensive” and potentially “unwanted.” ScanSafe’s Monthly “Global Threat Report” for March 2007 says that up to 80 percent of blogs host offensive content, ranging from “adult language” to pornographic images. The company suggests that businesses should be aggressive about preventing users from accessing some or all of this material. And of course, they’d hope that you’d use their products to do so.

This blog (SELaplana) is of course included among those blogs because there are blogposts I published which contains words or phrases that are considered by many as adult language, just like the content of my blogposts about my experiments on Pinay Sex, and other SEO experiments.

SERoundtable emphasized that even a single post or a comment can affect the entire blog’s rating, even the word “China”. China?

“There were as many blogs with the ‘F-word’ as the word ‘China’”, said ScanSafe’s Dan Nadir.

I really wonder how the word “China” became an F-word? Mrs. Jordan‘s :-) wondering too:

That really surprises me. Since when was ‘China’ a bad word?

However, John Dunn, pointed out that just because a blog contains swear words doesn’t mean the the blog is already a problem:

As the company admits, a single swear word doesn’t in itself mean the site is a problem. What is does indicate is the extent to which the Internet has become a channel for what Nadir suggested might be a long tail of minority interests that encompass interests others would deem ‘offensive”. Companies needed to be aware of the issue, however.

Also talked here.

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  1. Hey Sustines,

    One little correction: Andy didn’t write that post on Marketing Pilgrim; I did (though I hope he found it funny).

    Also, I was kidding when I said “Since when was ‘China’ a bad word?” I’m sure the report didn’t flag blogs that mentioned China as “offensive”; the Scansafe rep was merely commenting on the fact that the “f-word” appears in the same number of blogs as the word “China”—a strange coincidence.


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