Google Gears, Makes You Browse the Internet Even Offline

Google has announced the release of Google Gears, a browser extension that will let us browse the internet content even we’re offline. The official Google blog describe it as an open source browser extension for enabling offline web applications.  And I guess, time will come that all Google application can now be used offline and then update the online information when you’ll be online again. This is actually based on my understanding while reading the posts of Techncrunch, O’rielly, Weblog Tools and Read/Write Web.

So, using Google Docs will be more interesting now. Just imagine writing a document or spreadsheet even if you’re offline.  Then when you’re online, everything in the web will be updated.

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Designer Mobile Content, Reviewed

I accepted the $5.00 offer of Designer Mobile Content in exchange of my review of the site through the ReviewMe Campaign. Just like what I said on my previous reviews, $5.00 is really too low for a comprehensive and professional review. So, I think, featuring the client’s site here is already enough for that.

Anyway, $5.00 can already paid back my expenses on my Trip to Isabel Leyte. Yes, while writing this review, I am here at one of the cafes in Isabel, Leyte.

The Mozomo.Mobi:

The Mozomo.Mobi is owned by Mehul Patel. It’s a company that produces designer mobile content for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Windows Mobile or PocketPC and other handsets. You can get here for free the mobile themes or skins and interesting wallpapers.

You don’t have to worry actually whether the theme or wallpaper is compatible to your handset or not. Just fill in the form as shown below, then the site will show you those themes and wallpapers available for your handset.


You can download wallpapers and themes of sexy babes in bikini, asian sexy babes, cars and bikes and many more. Just don’t look for any porn pics here, they’re not available. :-)

However, they’re currently providing mobile contents for the following handsets:

Sony Ericsson Phones : F500i, J300, K300, K500, K510, K610, K700, K750, K790, K800, M600, P900, P910, P990, S700, S710, T226, T230, T238, T290i, T300, T306, T310, T312, T316, T610, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, T68i, V800, W300, W600, W800, W810, W950, Z1010, Z500, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z600, Z608, Z800

Nokia S60 Phones : 6680, 6681, 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 7260, 7610

Nokia N-Series Phone : N90, N70

Nokia S40 Phones : 3155, 3220, 5140i, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6101, 6102, 6170, 6230i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 8800

Pocket PC : all models with OS Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003.

Motorola : 650, v180, v185, V186, v220, V980, c380, c381, c386, c385, c390, A835, e398, v3, v300, v500, v535, v550, v600, v635, v80, V975, C375, PEBL U6, E1 ROKR, SLVR L7, C980, C975, c391, c330, c350, c370, c450, c550, e380, L6, L2

Samsung : D720, D730, Z600

Panasonic : X800, X700

Last Words

Again, this is a $5.00 -worth of review accepted through the ReviewMe campaign. If you want comprehensive and professional review, then purchase it here.

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Making Money Online – May 2007 Earning

I think, it’s now time to inform you my earning through my “Make Money Online with a Dumb Blogger” blog for the month of May 2007.

I know this earning is much smaller compared to what other bloggers earned. But atleast, it can already pay the domain and webhosting services and other charges that we need to pay while blogging with my blog.

Adbrite: $2.97

Adsense: $242.35


Bidvertiser: $1.19

ReviewMe:  $45

Text Link Ads:  $54.47

YesAsia:  $90.37

All in all, our blog earns $436.83 from May 1, 2007to May 29, 2007.

I wish, I can double the amount on the month June 2007. I need to work more hard promoting my blog and earning Dollar as well.

God bless us all.

Make Money With The MovAvi VideoSuite

MovAvi VideoSuiteYou might be thinking that on this post I will tell you how to make money with the MovAvi VideoSuite. No! That’s not actually my intention in writing this post. I gave this post with that title because I am making money with that software by writing this review.

The company will pay me $5.00 in exchange of the review I made through the ReviewMe campaign.

About MovAvi VideoSuite

MovAvi VideoSuite is a video software that let’s you do the six things with your video:

  1. Capture video from your digital and web cameras. It is capable of capturing videos on your tape-video camera, digital camera or even from your web cam.
  2. Convert video to run on any mobile device. Even if you don’t have knowledge on any video format, converting video to run on any mobile device is just too easy. What you need to do is just select the device where you want to play the video whether iPod, PSP, Zune, PDA or cellphone. And the videos that will be converted can be from Video CDs or DVDs or any video format on your computer.
  3. Split and merge video files.� You can use the Join feature to merge multiple video files in any formats into a single longer movie file, or use the Split feature to split up a long file automatically by size, time or number of segments, or manually by selecting the beginning and end points of the desired segments. These things ca be done without any recompressions or ruining video quality.
  4. Add filters and special effects. The software is built with special effects through its automatic filters and you can even preview the results in real time right in the main window using the split screen. You can make your movies interesting ones just like what you’d seen on movies.
  5. Rip, backup and copy DVDs. This is another interesting capability of this software where you can rip off videos from DVDs into your PC.
  6. Burn data, audio, and video CDs and DVDs
  7. Create classy video postcards

Last Words

I have many things to say about it. But I am paid to write a review for only $5.00, so I think this is enough for the price.

Youtube’s Enhancement Experienced

If you haven’t visited yet the Youtube, maybe it’s now time to revisit Youtube again to see and experience some enhancement made to the site and its video player. Alex Chitu, Beet.TV, Kristin Nicole, and Jackson West talk about it.

Well, actually I was checking the Youtube today but then I found no changes at all except the minor changes of the homepage. Alex Chitu posted detailed posts about the enhancements:

The player will add a feature that was already available in Google Video: jump to any part of the video even if the video isn’t fully downloaded.

For each video, you’ll be able to see around ten related videos. You don’t have to wait until the video ends to play a new one because they’re available as thumbnails if you hover over the video. The effect is similar to the dock from Mac OS X. You can also click on the two arrows to go to the previous / next video.

The “menu” button gives you access to the embedding code or to the URL of the YouTube page that shows the video. If you click on the button, the video is smoothly minimized in the left corner and it continues to play.

Maybe the changes are only implemented to the site if viewed by US visitors and visitors from outside USA will still be using the old Youtube interface.

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Love Google Even More – SELaplana

Google has announced another reason why people should love Google more. The Google Calendar is now available on mobile phones:

We realize that more people in the world have mobile phones than have computers, and people take their cell phones with them everywhere. Since one of our main goals on the Calendar team is to make planning your events and maintaining your schedule as easy as possible, starting today, you can access your Google Calendar account from your cell phone!

Google Calendar

I am actually not using Google calendar. I just love the builtin calendar of my phone. However, just what Janet pointed, it is the best thing to use a calendar which can be shared hassle-free to your mates. How about sharing the calendar through outlook?

To share calendars via Outlook, however, you must use Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition to calendar sharing, Exchange Server provides synching capability to your mobile phone. The downside for most small businesses is that Microsoft Exchange Server can be costly to setup and support.

Let’s consider Cyndy‘s account why she loves so much the Google calendar:

Why do I love Google Calendar so much? It’s very simple: I have a large family. Between my writing commitments, my husband’s schedule, and life with four children, things can get crazy around here. I could try to do it all on paper, but I found that my bag ended up filled with appointment cards and Post-Its, and I was late or missed everything. Google Calendar allows me to give each person their own color-coded calendar I can track on one screen visually, updating on the fly as schedules change, and seeing instantly when I have a scheduling conflict between two family members.

Is it free? Of course, you can use this Google feature for free but then you’ll be charged by your provider based on their rates. After all you’re using here your mobile phones internet.

Download Squad and GigaOM are also talking about it.

Being A Dumb Blogger, I’m On Top SERP

Bloggers are making their own names on the internet. John Chow calls himself as Evil Blogger; Abe Olandres is known as the number 1 Pinoy Blogger, and some of the Pinoy Bloggers consider him as the Father of Pinoy Blogging; Mike Abundo sometimes calls himself the Pinoy Problogger, while Darren Rowse simply is the Problogger. I think it’s just the bloggers’ brand, and can also be considered as their trademark.


At first, I claimed to be the “First Pinoy Blogger in Southern Leyte” because that’s really the truth. Until now, I haven’t meet anyone in Southern Leyte who engages in problogging. But since lot of visitors of my blog called me dumb, then I think, it’s just right to claim that I am the dumbest blogger in the Philippines. “Dumb Blogger!” You can call me now with that. I am a dumb blogger.

Did you know that my blog is now on the top SERP when searching for “Dumb Blogger”? Look at the screen shot below:

Dumb Blogger

And I am also on the top SERP when searching for “Make Money Online with a Dumb Blogger“.

Dumb Blogger

I understand, that it happens because no one competes me with that brand. No one dare to be called themselve as “Dumb Blogger” but me alone.

Now, if you can hear someone saying “Dumb Blogger”, I’m sure you immediately remember me because I am the dumbest blogger in the Philippines.

How about you?  What’s your brand? What’s your claims?

Don’t Annoy Your Visitors, Niche Focus and Increasing Traffic – SELaplana

I noticed the review made by the blog, “My Online Journey” but then didn’t receive any email from the blogger about it for me to write a review in exchange of the review he made. Since I am running a Review Me, Review You challenge, then I think, I also need to write a reveiw about the said blog.

There are 3 things he noticed on my blog:

  1. Thousands of visitors
  2. Posts everything under the sun
  3. Too many ads

And among these 3 things he noticed, I was hit by the number 3.

Yes, it’s true that my blog is running too many ads like Adsense Ads, Adbrite Ads, Text Link Ads, Review Me Ads and other direct paid and free ads. These are all my way of getting some Dollars from this blog so that I can pay my yearly bill on Domain and Webhosting which costs more or less PhP30,000.00.  I was even running the Kontera ads before but I think, it annoyed visitors so I decided to take off those ads.

In running these ads, I always make sure that visitors of this blog will never get annoyed by this ads. That’s the reason why I placed them all except the Adsense ads, on the far-right sidebar of this blog.

With regards to the Adsense ads, I placed them within the content of this blog because according to the result of the experiments I did with them, their position now has the higher CTR compared to other portions of this blog. And the ads of Adsense is not really annoying because most of the ads displayed are relevant to the content.

About My Online Web Journey Blog:

The My Online Web Journey Blog is another new blog owned and maintained by a Pinoy Blogger. I actually failed to get some information about the blogger behind this blog because the About page of it contains nothing. I suggest, he should modify it.

My Online Web Journey

According to him, the blog is about everything he experience, he wants, and things he’s interested. Well, that’s how I started my blog. I shifted the niche of this blog from “anything” to techno-stories only this January 2007 and then shifted again from Techno-stories to Make Money Online just this May 2007.


Now, if you really want to make money from you blog, I think you need to focus on a profitable niche. You can even make use all the experiences and interest you have by integrating it into your niche-posts.

For example, your focus on your blog is about tourists spots, hotels and restaurants just like what I have on my Motoristang Pinoy blog, then you want to write a feature-post on a 5-star hotel you recently visited. So, in order to create an interesting feature-post, you can integrate your experiences while staying in that hotel with the information you’ve learned from your interviews and researches. Embede some photos or anything you’ve found to make your post more interesting. With this, I know you’ll earn not just from contextual ads but also from direct advertisers.


The blog is already a 3 month old and is still catering few visitors a day. Well, that’s actually normal. However, you can increase this traffic by employing some SEO techniques. You can search the web about this techniques, but then I will give you one:

  1. Link Baiting. This is one of the good SEO techniques that most of the bloggers are using for them to earn much links-back. You can think of things that can be used as link-baiter. Example: John Chow use the Review Me challenge for him to gain much links using “Make Money Online” as anchor text. Carl Ocab use the Alexa Train as his way of gaining backlinks and Alexa hits. Yuga‘s link baiters are the news, features and adventures he posted on his blog. The most effective link-bait that Yuga used is his offline connection with friends, bloggers and advertisers.

And one thing that I want to tell you: Give your visitors more reasons to revisit your blog.

Last Words

Again, this post is another $100-worth of review given free to bloggers who reviewed our blog. If you want me to review your blog like this, then write first a short review of this blog and publish a link to this blog. Visit this page for more details.

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Google-Feed Burns the Blogosphere – SELaplana

When I told you about rumors on Feedburner acquisition by Google, I give my post a title, “Google-Feed Comes Burning“. But when the deal was confirmed (as posted by Mike), the blogosphere seems burned by the Google-Feed acquisition because almost all of the influential western bloggers (like Read and Write Web, John Chow, Mathew, Paid Content, Valleywag, and Ms. Jordan) are talking about it.

As of now, Google and Feedburner never talk about the acquisition. The deal is about $100 million and the founders of the Feedburner will be under the Google management for several years.

I think, after the acquisition, the Feedburner will be renamed to Google Burner, burning everyones money.