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HaanLittle is known of Han Gil Su, a Korean national who reportedly worked as a double agent in Hawaii during the Second World War. But now his story is brought to the big screen, in director Lee In Soo’s Haan. Celebrated TV actor Ahn Jae Mo stars as Han, who after moving from Korea to Hawaii with his family at the age of five, later worked for the Japanese consulate in Honolulu. There he allegedly discovered news about Japan’s imminent attack on Pearl Harbor and informed various American officials. His warnings were ignored, however, and on December 7th, 1941 more than 2000 people were killed when the Japanese attacked. Im Yoo Jin co-stars as the Japanese woman who helps Han, at the risk of her own life, in this taut military thriller about the life of an unsung Korean hero, only now receiving the acknowledgment he deserves.

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