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Hello GodFor much of the 1980s, the formidable trio of director Bae Chang Ho, actor Ahn Sung Ki, and writer Choi In Ho dominated Korean cinema, garnering critical and popular acclaim alike with a series of outstanding films. Starting with 1983′s Flower on the Equator, Bae and company went on to deliver some of the most successful films of the 1980s like Whale Hunting, Deep Blue Night, Do the Right Thing, Hwang Jin Yi, and 1987′s Hello, God. Bae excels at achieving a tender balance of commercial and artistic sensibilities that strikes the right chord with viewers, and Hello, God quietly enthralls with its wry humor, socially conscious storytelling, and lyrical humanism, along with Yoo Yong Kil’s beautiful cinematography and the poetic screenplay from Choi In Ho, one of Korea’s most prominent writers.

A spiritual follow-up to Whale Hunting and Whale Hunting 2, Hello, God again follows the misfit journey of a troubled woman and two men named Byung Tae and Min Woo. Ahn Sung Ki stars as Byung Tae, a man afflicted with cerebral palsy, while Jeon Mu Song (Garden of Heaven) plays a wandering poet. They are joined on the road by an unmarried pregnant woman portrayed by Kim Bo Yeon, who also appeared in Bae’s People of the Slum. Unlikely companions in this pilgrimage of loss and discovery, together they head towards Gyeongju, where the ancient astronomical observatory Cheomseongdae is located.

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