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I am almost 1 month writing review from the ReviewMe campaign, and today’s my first time to meet a campaign that give us instructions on what to say.

The campaign is about the BackGammonMasters. And they want me to focus my story on the Press Release. So, it’s not a review at all. This is just simply buying links.

The BackGammonMaster

I know that you’ve heard a news about Paris Hilton and that she’s sent to jail for violating her probation. The said probation is related to her case, that is, driving under the influence of drug.

Now, with this news, they want me to tell you that BackgammonMasters to Send Paris Hilton a Positive Outlet during her Jail Time so that Paris can play this board while in Jail. They mean that they will send her the personalized BackGammon board.

Ohh! What a joke!

Anyway, according to the PR, BackGammonMaster is a BackGammon Software company.


About this Campaign

Well, I feel like the campaigner is something like a greedy one. They’ll pay me $6 by this requiring me to create 3 links to their sites.

Okay, I’m sorry for telling you this. I don’t know if it’s me who became greedy, but I just don’t like the PR.

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