Text Link Ads Making Money Tips

Elizar asked me some tips on making money online using the TLA or Text Link Ads. Elizar said:

Though i just got my nth adsense denial from adsense for everything-eli, this good news keeps me motivated to apply again.. :-)

I also do have TLA, but not much there… any tips? ;)

What is TLA or Text Link Ads?

For the sake of newbies in making money online, TLA or Text Link Ads is a third party ad service that let you sell text links from your blogs in a 50-50 income share. Some bloggers call the TLA as the ad broker.

The advertisers will find you through the TLA Market Place, where they browse and search for the TLA publishers’ blogs that they think are relevant for their ads. However, publishers can find advertisers too through their own effort, in which advertisers will then be redirected to the TLA website to order the links on your blog.

For more information about Text Link Ads, please visit the site here.

Monetizing Tips

Actually, even if my overall income for this blog is quite good, I am still not contented with my income on this blog through the Text Link Ads program. However, I have here few ideas on how to increase your income from TLA.

  1. Blog category and description at the TLA Directory
  2. Text Link Ads placement on your blog
  3. Text Link Ads style
  4. Text Link Ads promotion
  5. Other Options

(1) Blog category and description at the TLA Directory.

Usually, TLA advertisers search blogs on the TLA Directory when looking for best blogs where their ads should be displayed. So, what you need to do is to edit your site’s listing by applying the following tips:

  1. Choose the right category for your blog.
  2. Write better discription about your blog. You can include awards, traffic, PR or anything that can be used to convince the advertisers to buy links from your blog.
  3. Choose the right keywords for your blog.

Remember that the better description your blog has, including traffic, PR or anything about your blog, the more advertisers you will have.

(2) Text Link Ads placement on your blog.

To let you know, currently the text links provided by TLA are not yet equipt with link-condom. When I say “Link-Condom”, I actually mean the “NO FOLLOW” tag on your links. Which also means that your links to your TLA advertisers will be followed by search engines spiders and are counted as legitimate link-back to the advertisers’ sites.

However, they’re not just interested with that. They are also looking for the traffic sent by the TL-ads on your blog to the advertised sites.

So, you need to place the TLA on the section of your blog where visitors can easily notice them. Most of the advertisers are interested on the blogs that are publishing the TLA at the above the fold area.

(3) Text Link Ads style

What I mean on this is, your TLA should be visible and can easily be noticed by your blog’s visitors. In other words, your TLA should stand out not as ads but as regular links of your blog. It’s actually part of the number 2 tip because the reason for making your TLA visible is to send few traffic to the advertised sites.

(4) Text Link Ads promotion

When you’re looking for visitors to your blog, you do market your blog to users through advertising and promotion. Am I right? That can also be done when you’re looking for TLA advertisers. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Create the right landing page, equipt with the right keywords and promote it via Google Adwords.
  2. You can mention about your TLA on the end part of your post. This is to inform your readers that you are selling text link ads on your blog.

(5) Other options

TLA publishers can choose some options in selling text links ads. You can set them all ON to maximize your TLA earning.

  1. Site Links – These links are displayed almost in all pages of your blog. However, some publisher choose to display TLA ads at the homepage alone of the blog.
  2. Post Links – These links are published at the end part of your article and are tagged as “Related Links”.
  3. Feed Links – These are the links that are published on your blog’s feed. Your target are your feed readers.


(1) Text Links Price

I know that you already know that the price of your text links are calculated by considering your Alexa ranking, Feed subscriber, Traffic and other useful data of your blog. In other words, if you want to earn much from your text links, then strive hard to increase your blog’s ranks and stats.

(2) Google hates Paid Links

Didn’t I tell you that Google hates TLA? Yes! Google hates TLA even if they said they don’t. And Goggle also hates publishers who are selling text links without the link-condom. What Google wants you to do is to apply link-condom to all paid links, or else your blog will be penalized on the Google SERP.

Last Words

I hope these few tips can help you increase your TLA income. If you have something to add to the tips I gave, please drop your comments at our comment section.

If you also have questions that you want me to answer, you can contact me here or you can also drop your question at our comment section.

Thank you and Good luck.

Learn Lessons from Halvar Flake’s Entry to US

A German hacker,  Thomas Dullien who is known as Halvar Flakes, was denied entry to the US when the custom detected the training materials he’s bringing with for the Black Hat USA Conference.

The problem actually, according to the post of Mr. Dullien on his blog, was the way he enter US.

Had there been an agreement between my company and Blackhat, then my entry to the US would’ve been  “German-company-sends-guy-to-US-to-perform-services”, and everything would’ve been fine. The real problem is that the agreement was still between me as a person
and Blackhat.

Read more about it on his post and learn lessons from it.

My Success in Monetizing the Blog

In my previous post, “My Writing Style and Success in Blogging“, I didn’t mention about my success in making money online through this blog, which was noticed by Angel who dropped the comments as shown below:

 But i noticed “na hindi kasama sa goal mo ang blog monetization” (that your goal in blog monetization is not included in the list). “Wala po kayong goals kung magkano ang dapat mong kikitain sa blog mo?” (Do you have any goals on how much should you earn through your blog) I think, you should also have goals “sa ganyan dahil” (on that because) you are also teaching us how to make money online. “Pano ka makapagturo ng” (How could you teach us the) ways on making money online if you don’t have goals on it too “diba?” (isn’t it?)

Actually, I am quite successful in monetizing this blog. I am already contented on how it earns based on its current daily visitors.

Blog’s July 1-29, 2007 Earning

So, to imagine how succesful I am in monetizing this blog, here’s my blog’s July 1-29, 2007 earning:

Adbrite: $ 4.50
Adsense: $203.05
Amazon: $0.0
Bidvertiser: $1.20
ReviewMe: $15.00
TextLinkAds: $78.00
YesAsia: $180.00

Summed them all, this blog earns $481.75. It’s higher by $44.92 compared to this blog’s earning last May 2007.

The figure is quite good.

Why my goals in monetizing this blog was not mentioned in my previous post?

I already told you on my old posts that popularity and wealth will just follow on your success in getting traffic for your blog.  As your blog gains its popularity, money will also come into your pocket.

What I mean is that, my main goal for now is to increase the popularity of this blog. I already listed few of these goals on my previous post, as:

  1. Increase the blog’s traffic
  2. Increase the blog’s number of regular visitors
  3. Increase the blog’s number of feed subscribers
  4. Increase the number of quality back-links
  5. Increase the number of visitors who interact, share ideas and dropped comments

Once I succeed on these goals, I’m also sure that the monthly earning of this blog will also increase.

This blog has only more or less 1,000 daily visitors for this month which is equal to 29,000 visitors from July 1 to July 29 and earns $481.75. Now, what if the blog’s daily visitors will become 10,000 which is equal to 290,000 visitors for 29 days. If the number of daily visitors is directly proportional to its earning, then the earning must be $4817.50.

See! $4817.5o montly earning of just 1 blog is already more than enough.   But just like what I said before, our success has no peak, thus, we’ll again aim for the higher steps than where we are now.

What Should I do?

So, to hit my goals and my goals after hitting these goals, I need to consistently write relevant and interesting posts, and promote my blog by any legitimate ways and expanding its reach.

Integrated Scuba BC

Product Description

In todays world of travel we are strictly confined by airline weight restrictions, therefore the design of your equipment needs to encompass elements to be travel friendly. Icon is the ideal BC for traveling. The Quick-Pak system makes it easy to compact and transport the BC with a few simple moves. Once closed it is minimal in size and can easily be transported in your suitcase or a small travel backpack. Backmounted bladder providing high lift capacity when needed and complete freedom of movement. Lightweight, sturdy, incredibly comfortable, and fully accessorized.

Features include:

* Quick-Pak system
* MRS Plus included (6kg/13lbs capacity per pocket in size L)
* Trim Weight pockets on the tank strap, holding up to 6kg/13lbs total
* BPS Plus
* Independent harness
* Elastic cummerbund secures the BCD in place and adjusts for wetsuit compression at depth
* Neoprene padded collar
* Internal plush lining
* Pre-shaped shoulder straps to further alleviate shoulder pressure
* Dual position adjustable chest strap to accommodate for various torso lengths to offer greater freedom of adjustability
* 1 zippered pocket rolled-up and secured with Velcro when not in use
* Grommets for attaching the Mares Force knife collection
* Comfortable transport handle
* Two rear quick-dump/over-expansion relief valves
* Ergo inflator
* Dual position hose clip for your gauges
* Mares ICON Travel Buoyancy Compensator


* Inflatable double bag, 420 denier outside / polyurethane inside
* 5 AISI 304 stainless steel rings

You can order it here.

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Mares Scuba Gear Package

Product Description

4 Great Mares items. For an awesome deal, only $444. Almost HALF OFF retail! Get a Mares matched & assembled set including the Mares Rebel R2 Regulator, Axis Pro Octo, Compact 3 gauge console with Compass, & Vector Origin 1000 BCD. Amazing price. And exclusively from JoeDiver. We’ve done it again. Mares R2 Rebel Regulator The only regulator with a Mares piston first stage and the DFC system. Its simple construction and extraordinary toughness are matched by outstanding performance, even at great depths. Its surprising breathing sensitivity is obtained through the use of the D.F.C. system for the first time in a piston first stage. This is coupled with optimized cross sections and an over-sized “high-flow”hose. The second stage, featuring the integrated V.A.D. system and a coverplate design with calibrated holes

You can order it here.

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My Writing Style and My Success in Blogging

Angel dropped a question at my post, “Even Poor Ones Can Blog Better Than Rich Bloggers” asking me if I am already successful in blogging:

i noticed that you wrote article as if “magaling ka na” (you’re an expert). “Maiconsider mo ba sarili mo na successful ka na?” (Can you consider yourself a successful one?)

Am I successful?

Since the start of using a writing style that I am using now, lots of users, friends and blogging-recruits ask me this question…”Are you successful already in blogging?” And when I answer that question, I always tell them first how I define the term “Success” which means, “the state when goals are achieved.

I know that you already knew how I started blogging. Lots of times that I talked about it on my old posts. And again, I will tell you that my very aim in blogging since my start on it is to enhance my English writing skills.

Did I successfully enhanced my English writing skills? Definitely yes! But I can’t still say that I am already on my peak of this success, because enhancing or improving my writing skills… it seems… has no peak.

To let you know, in just one month since my start of blogging, I already noticed changes on my writing styles and writing skills. At first, I could hardly compose a paragraph without writing it first in Filipino (Philippine Language) and then translating it into English. That’s was a very time-consuming way of writing. But I wasn’t staying on that state. Every day, as I write articles or blogposts, I always notice improvements. And if you’ll compare my way of writing on the year 2003 to this date, you’ll notice a big difference.

Every time I read those 2003 posts, I always feel something strange as if I am ashamed of my self. But, that’s the truth, and I really wrote badly at that time. No wonder, my blog’s visitors called me idiot, dumb or moron.

So, in my goal to improve my English writing skills, I can say that I am quiet successful.

Other goals in blogging

However, I have tons of goals for my blogs. And I should examine if I am already successful in attaining those goals, because that’s one of the ways to keep your blogging business or career up.

The following are few of my goals in blogging:

  1. Increase the blog’s traffic
  2. Increase the blog’s number of regular visitors
  3. Increase the blog’s number of feed subscribers
  4. Increase the number of quality back-links
  5. Increase the number of visitors who interact, share ideas and dropped comments

And just like what I achieved on my goal to enhance my writing skills, I am also successful on these goals but I still need to work more hard to maintain the success that I’ve got. Remember that for me, these goals seems no peak so I will just do my best to increase the rate of my success on these monthly, if not daily.

Set your Blogging Goals too

If you really want to know if you are successful in your blogging business or career, then you must set your goals too. Everyday before you go to sleep, examine first your self if you already achieved the blogging success.

Ask your self, “Am I successful in blogging?

Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. LeeHappy families are all alike, but unhappy families are a totally different story, as can be seen in director Shim Kwang Jin’s 2006 film Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee (a.k.a. Long Day’s Journey into Night). The “Mr. Lee” in the title refers to both the protagonist and the lead, veteran actor Lee Dae Geun. Having appeared in some 300 films in his 40-year career, Lee is known for his masculine image and is fondly remembered as a sex symbol by older audience members. In Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee, however, he departs from this well-established screen personae, showing both age and vulnerability as an aged father seeking reconciliation. His performance earned him a Best Leading Actor nomination at the 44th Daejong Awards. Loosely based on the play “Happy Family” and Lee Dae Geun’s own life experiences, Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee builds an exceptional drama with pointed dialogue, pacing, and storytelling, spinning a theatrical character study into so much more.

For the third anniversary of his wife’s death, elderly widower Mr. Lee (Lee Dae Geun) hopes to gather his family together for a reunion. This task, however, is easier said than done. His children haven’t visited in three years, and they are a bitter lot, with plenty of their own problems to deal with. His eldest son (Lee Doo Il) is going through a rather nasty divorce, his daughter (Ahn Seon Young) gets held up by a car accident, and his youngest son has been MIA since he went bankrupt a couple years ago. As the estranged family gathers for the memorial, the words and secrets that spill out may make or break their already fragile bonds.

  • Release Date: August 21, 2007 – US$21.99 Buy at YesAsia

SELaplana >> Movie & TV Series >> M – Title >>

The Evil Twin – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

The Evil TwinIn South Korea, summer is the season for horror films, and the first to hit theaters in 2007 was Kim Ji Hwan’s directorial debut, The Evil Twin. A rare entry into the historical horror genre, this Joseon period chiller offers a horrifying interpretation of the classic Cinderella story of Kongji and Patzzi. One of the most promising young actresses in Korea, teenaged television starlet Park Shin Hye from Palace S and Trees in Heaven takes on her first leading film role, and she adeptly captures the polar personalities of her two characters, playing both the innocent and the evil with equal convince. The film co-stars Jae Hee (3-iron) and Yang Geum Suk.

Ten years ago, twin sisters So Yeon and Hyo Jin (Park Shin Hye) both fell into a river, claiming the life of Hyo Jin and leaving So Yeon comatose. Ten years later, So Yeon finally wakes up. Though she has lost her memory, she is troubled by what she can’t remember, and often shows characteristics similar to her dead sister. As she recovers, the past slowly returns – the circumstances of the accident, the sisters’ jealous rivalry over So Yeon’s husband-to-be Hyun Sik (Jae Hee) – and a series of mysterious murders befalls the village.

  • Release Date: August 27, 2007 – US$29.99 Buy at YesAsia

SELaplana >> Movie & TV Series >> T – Title >>

Driving With My Wife’s Lover – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Driving With My Wife�s LoverCombining road film, revenge drama, and black comedy elements, Driving with My Wife’s Lover is the accomplished feature-length debut from Kim Tae Sik. Kim had previously served as assistant director on Park Chul Soo’s Kazoku Cinema, in addition to years of television producing and directing shorts films like 32nd Dec.: Where is Mr. President?, and his experience is evident here. Smartly shot and precisely paced, the film subtly explores human nature, behavior, and emotions through frank dialogue, assured direction, and remarkable storytelling. Driving with My Wife’s Lover also finds a perfect pitch in the pairing of character actors Park Kwang Jung and Jeong Bo Sik for the leading roles. The film premiered at the 11th Pusan Film Festival, and has since been invited to numerous festivals including Sundance, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

Tae Han (Park Kwang Jung) is a modest man who runs a small stamp shop in the seaside town of Nakasan. When he discovers that his wife is having an affair with a taxi driver, he sets out bitterly for revenge. Tae Han goes all the way to Seoul to hail the cab of his wife’s lover Joong Sik (Jeong Bo Sik). On the long ride back, the two encounter various detouring situations that complicate the trip, but unexpectedly help them to forge an unlikely bond. As Tae Han learns more and more about Joong Sik through animated conversations and minor adventures, his anger and vengeful plan begins to slip away.

  • Release date: September 5, 2007 – US$29.99 Buy at YesAsia

SELaplana >> Movie & TV Series >> D – Title >>

Sunflower – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD

SunflowerBest known for his impishly charming roles in romantic works like My Little Bride and Rooftop Room Cat, Korean Wave star Kim Rae Won breaks from mold to portray a troubled gangster in the box office hit Sunflower. Although he also played a gangster in his previous film Mr. Socrates, Kim’s role in Sunflower is a lot more challenging, and a big step away from the lighthearted image viewers have come to associate him with. At the core of this action melodrama is a tragic character study of a conflicted man with a violent past, and Kim Rae Won makes the character his own, giving the role the necessary inner life to connect with the audience. He stars opposite veteran actress Kim Hae Suk and newcomer Heo Yi Jae (Dirty Carnival), who help his character start anew in life. Sunflower also marks a new venture for director Kang Seok Beom, who previously worked mainly in comedy, having directed Mr. Handy and written for My Boss, My Teacher. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Tae Sik (Kim Rae Won) dropped out of school at a young age and spent much of his time fighting in back alleys before landing in prison. Ten years later, Tae Sik is released from prison and ready to start over. He returns to his hometown, seeking refuge with an adoptive mother (Kim Hae Suk) and her sassy daughter (Heo Yi Jae) at their restaurant Sunflower. Finding a family at last, Tae Sik begins to let go of all the emotions and anger bottled up within, and vows to never fight again. But the people from his past are not ready to let him go..

  • Release Date: September 6, 2007 – US$14.99 Buy at YesAsia

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