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Reading the discussions over the Wester bloggosphere about the three years old battle between the now-popular founder of Facebook and his former classmates who are also the founders of ConnectU, made me remember the lawsuit filed against Yuga. It seems that lawsuit and popularity go together.

The Facebook story:

Zuckerberg once work (November 2003) with the founders of ConnectU namely: Brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra who were both classmates at that time, as programmer of the social networking site now known as ConnectU. According to the lawsuit, he was really part of the development of the ConnectU, but then ended up in stealing codes and business plans as he launched his Facbook.

My Comment

Well, for now, I still can’t say something about this. It’s actually easy to prove that someone stole the code by just comparing how the code is written. But, accusing someone of stealing a business plan? …

More to read here, or consider the idea of Andy Beal.

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