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SunflowerBest known for his impishly charming roles in romantic works like My Little Bride and Rooftop Room Cat, Korean Wave star Kim Rae Won breaks from mold to portray a troubled gangster in the box office hit Sunflower. Although he also played a gangster in his previous film Mr. Socrates, Kim’s role in Sunflower is a lot more challenging, and a big step away from the lighthearted image viewers have come to associate him with. At the core of this action melodrama is a tragic character study of a conflicted man with a violent past, and Kim Rae Won makes the character his own, giving the role the necessary inner life to connect with the audience. He stars opposite veteran actress Kim Hae Suk and newcomer Heo Yi Jae (Dirty Carnival), who help his character start anew in life. Sunflower also marks a new venture for director Kang Seok Beom, who previously worked mainly in comedy, having directed Mr. Handy and written for My Boss, My Teacher. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Tae Sik (Kim Rae Won) dropped out of school at a young age and spent much of his time fighting in back alleys before landing in prison. Ten years later, Tae Sik is released from prison and ready to start over. He returns to his hometown, seeking refuge with an adoptive mother (Kim Hae Suk) and her sassy daughter (Heo Yi Jae) at their restaurant Sunflower. Finding a family at last, Tae Sik begins to let go of all the emotions and anger bottled up within, and vows to never fight again. But the people from his past are not ready to let him go..

  • Release Date: September 6, 2007 – US$14.99 Buy at YesAsia

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