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With the traffic I have on this blog and the money I earn from it, you might think that I am already popular and that I am one of the best Filipino bloggers today. But frankly, you’re wrong to think that way about me. To let you know, I am still amateur in blogging and I am still in the process of learning things about blogging and making money online. However, I can say that my writing style today is better than how I wrote articles 1 year ago.

Now, let’s all learn more things on how to improve our blog writing by considering the tips given by Snoskred at the blog, “Life in the Country“.

  1. Write the summary of your story at the very beginning of the article. This is to entice your reader to read the rest of the story.
  2. Use the Thesaurus in picking better and  new terms instead of using terms you commonly used.
  3. Write down the ideas every time they pop-out in your mind. This is to make sure that those ideas will not lost especially if you feel lazy to compose the article write away.
  4. If you are very slow in taking notes when someone speaks his thought, then why not use any recorder. If you are lazy enough to write the ideas, then you can even record it by your own.
  5. After composing an article, reread it and edit it if possible. But don’t edit it too much.
  6. Use better article title, headlines and sub-titles. This is to make sure readers can scan down your article, and can read those interesting part before leaving your blog.

I am actually using some of the tips and I am still enhancing my skills in writing using these tips.

You can visit Snoskred’s post here.

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Snoskred - August 27, 2007 Reply

Hey! ;)

I’m glad to hear my article was useful to you. Thanks for linking to it! ;)

I’m writing a follow up to that article but it’s going to take a little bit of time, because we’re moving. ;)


SELaplana - August 28, 2007 Reply

yeah because your idea is great…

OBMIBZ - September 29, 2007 Reply

wisely done!!! kip it up! don 4get about the LET results, jaz email me

roland - March 8, 2009 Reply

i REALLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN BLOG.cAN ANYONE TELL ME how?what about web page can i also make it for free?is there money in it?

    SELaplana - March 8, 2009 Reply

    I wrote lots of articles about blogging and making money online. just dig this blog.

chris - November 25, 2009 Reply

Very inspiring. I usually used my thesaurus too when writing a post..Honestly it really helps me a lot

whiteshark0121 - February 18, 2010 Reply

Great article, I always keep myself looking for new tips and ways on how to improve my writing and one of my favorite mentor on learning how to write a book is Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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