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Pacquiao vs BarreraThe Pacquiao vs Barrera boxing fight has been scheduled already on October 6, 2007. I know, almost all Filipinos around the globe, including those fans of Pacman and Barrera who are not Filipino, are already excited to watch the rematch of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera.

How can we watch the fight?

There are several ways to avail a chance to watch the fight. You can watch it via the Pay Per View offered by cable TV provider or channel in your area.

If you’re residing in the Philippines, you can watch the fight live at the Cinema’s that will be showing the event. There are also towns or cities, through their officials, that will offer free live showing of the fight at any designated places. You can even choose to watch the fight via satellite that will be aired by a local TV station (I am not yet sure if it will be ABS-CBN or GMA7.).

Those fans living in the middle east, for sure, will be having the hard time to watch the fight. But not, of course, if you purchase an account at the first Pinoy-related TV on the web, the neTVision.

The neTVision


During the boxing bout of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against Solis, neTVision successfully¬†aired¬†the live fight on the internet.

The neTVision is said to have access to the largest Filipino video library and offered them to all Filipinos living and working abroad in exchange of little charges.

For more details about the neTVision, visit the site here.

Blog This!

You know, blogging about the boxing bout between Pacquiao and Barrera will give you several advantages:

  1. Traffic. If you talk about the fight more than once and link them together, I’m sure, it will lead your blog to top on the SERP when searching for a particular keyword that is related to the Pacquiao vs Barrera fight. And once your blog is on the top of the SERP, then it eventually means traffic to your blog.
  2. Build Community. You can even build a community on the Barrera vs Pacquiao fight on your blog. Once you posted an article into your blog, promote it immediately to forums or any place in the internet where boxing fans are staying. This is to find boxing-lover visitors, then let them interact with you until they became friends of yours.
  3. Earn Money. The traffic and regular visitors to your boxing related posts can be converted into money. There are tons of ways how to earn money from them, but the most popular among them is by displaying Adsense ads on the posts and other products related to boxing, to Manny Pacquiao or to Marco Antonio Barrera.

So, what are you waiting for. Blog now about it.

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