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When I started this blog, “Learn Lessons with SELaplana“, I was thinking to do some trick to let me manage more than 1 WordPress blog in just one WordPress engine. But, I couldn’t implement my plan because in the first place I don’t really understand the PHP programming. There might be guide on how to do that but I am just lazy to follow those instructions.

Elizar also tried it and according to him, he never succeed.

I’ve been trying to install multiple wordpress blogs on a single installation for some time now.

I still haven’t been successful. Nada.

I’m sure that the instructions works and that many have been successful in doing it, but hey, what can I say, I’m not that persistent my self. There are times that I will work on it, will take a look for a while and then there’s a lot of lazy time.

Last July 2007, Allen from the Silkenhut asked me how to install WordPress software into the subdomain and answered his query by telling him that the available WordPress software in the CPanel is not designed to manage multiple blogs, so he need to install the WordPress in each of the subdomains.

Manage Multiple Blogs

Techie Buzz recently release a WordPress plugin that will let you manage multiple blogs in just one WordPress installation.

This plugin allows you to manage your external blogs from a single central blog. Yes now you don’t need to logon to multiple blogs if you want to write a post, edit a post, manage categories and yes manage your comments including approving, disapproving, spamming it, replying to it, threaded reply and more.

However, it was also revealed that with this plugin, some features of the WordPress failed to function like:

  1. You can’t upload images while writing the post.
  2. You can’t add the Category while writing the post.
  3. It might not work with the earlier version of WordPress, except the WordPress v2.

Well, these malfunctions are expected especially on products that has been released for the first time. Soon as many bloggers use this plugin, more bugs will be discovered and will be fixed too.

For more details about it, please visit the plugin page.

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