Filipina Writing Project and Bloggers Meet-Up – SELaplana

Digital Filipino announced that the 10 winners of the Filipina Writing Contest will be named on November 18, 2007 November 28, 2007 during the bloggers meet-up that will be held in Ponciana’s Restaurant, 67 Timog Ave. corner Sct. Torillo, South Triangle Quezon City from 6 pm to 9 pm.

If you’re interested to join the meet up, please comment on this page.

Gain Traffic, Meet Bloggers

Just like what I told you before, meeting bloggers is one of the best ways in gaining visitors for your blog. This is even the best way to gain more popularity among bloggers.

Now, to make use of this blogger meet-up or eyeball, consider my tips published at my post, “Promote Your Blog, Attend August 1 Eyeball“.

Love Links

As a way of showing my support to this writing contest organized by Ms. Janette Toral, I am now giving away my links to the participants: Filipina

  1. Filipina: Isa ring Ina
  2. Filipina Writing Contest and My Favorite Filipina Blogger
  3. Filipina is a Filipino Woman
  4. Filipina Pride
  5. Ang mga Filipina ng Buhay Ko
  6. The Filipina in the Eyes of the World
  7. 3 Things You Possibly Do Not Know about the Filipina
  8. A Topless Filipina in Europe
  9. What is a Filipina?
  10. Ako si Pina.. At ito ang aking kuwento…
  11. Filipina – Boholana, Part 1
  12. Dalawang Anyo ng Pinay
  13. Never Underestimate the Heart of a Champion Filipina
  14. Nang Itaas Niya Ang Kanyang Kamay
  15. Hindi lang Filipina Dating, Dating Filipina, Wow Filipina talaga!
  16. A Different Filipina
  17. Filipina: prostitution and exploitation
  18. Ang Pinay sa Buhay ni Pinoy Ambisyoso
  19. They are Filipinas Too
  20. Filipina 2007
  21. The Portrait of a Japayuki as a Filipina
  22. Filipino DH (Die Hard Filipina)
  23. Maria “Ria” A. Jose is a Filipina
  24. The Ideal Filipina In The Heart And Mind of A Filipina (Not A Mere Dating Or Sex Object)
  25. Filipina
  26. Different Faces of a Filipina
  27. Are you just a Filipina?
  28. Ako po si Elay, Nagbibigay Pugay
  29. Filipina Since Birth
  30. Filipinas are Natural Entrepreneurs
  31. Spotlight: Filipina Bloggers
  32. Looking Beyond the Heart of a Filipina
  33. My Filipina Thoughts
  34. The Filipina Campaign
  35. Pinay Na, Nars Pa!
  36. Biking Moves These Filipinas
  37. Filipinas: Tres Marias

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