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This blog of mine really eats up too much server’s resources. There are tons of hits that our blog missed because the server’s system automatically takes down our site to save their other clients. And I consider those missed hits as my blog’s losses.

Anyway, I am very much thankful to the Ploghost.Com support personnel for informing me about it and for giving me hint on how to deal with this.

Now in order to minimize the losses, I decided to take down some of the WordPress plugins installed:

  1. Ad Rotator.  I use this plugin to run the free banner advertisement program of this blog. The banners supposed to be showed at the header of this blog.
  2. Better Comment Manager. This is the plugin that helps me manage the comments posted on this blog.
  3. Comment Relish. It allows me to send a short message to first time commentator.
  4. Email Users. It gives me the opportunity to send important announcement and invitation in the form of email to all registered members of this blog.
  5. Filosofo Enroll Comments. I use this plugin to automatically enroll commentators as comment subscribers on the post they commented.
  6. Show Top Commentator. It is used to show the top commentator at the sidebar of our blog.
  7. WP Digg Style Paginator. This is the one responsible in paginating our blog.

Well. After disabling these plugins, this blog runs better again.

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Mikko - November 8, 2007 Reply

How I wish I have that traffic.

I’m craving for traffic. I haven’t fully utilized my bandwidth yet. Huhuh.

Forex free download - July 18, 2008 Reply

Plugins does effect a lot. I have experienced it myself but always felt that i couldn’t do much about it. with your much neede advice things would be different altogether.
Thanks for sharing this useful info with us.

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