Gain Traffic for Your Blog While Training Yourself To Blog

Did you know that you can drive traffic to your blog while you’re still training yourself to blog?

Yes! That’s true! And this can be done by utilizing the WordPress ability of publishing trackback.

Well. To understand how trackback works in driving traffic, please read my post, “Gain More Blog’s Traffic from Your Trackback“.

What should you do?

  1. Visit the Techmeme and notice that the titles of the articles posted in large letters are the titles of the articles being discussed in the blogosphere (highlighted in blue color as shown on screenshot below), while the titles listed on the DISCUSSION are the blogs discussing the articles (highlighted with red color as shown on the screenshot below).


  2. Read the article being discussed.
  3. Open the blogs under the DISCUSSION and read their points.
  4. Write a blogpost for your blog about the discussed article, include some points made by the blogs under the DISCUSSION and then on the finale part of your post, write your comment about it. Note: When mentioning the points or ideas of the blogs on the DISCUSSION, make sure to establish a link to the source of that idea in order to establish trackback.

Okay, I know that I am idiot and I really find it hard to explain what to do. However, to understand what I mean, try examining what I did with the articles tracked by the Techmeme.

  1. Tech Big Men Hitting Each Other Big Names
  2. Being Sued Scared Me
  3. Blogging On Politics
  4. Yahoo! Tracks Google Adsense Clicks
  5. Banned Sites At Digg, Unbanned

How it works?

This is actually a way of participating the hot discussions on the blogosphere which are being tracked by the Techmeme.

To let you know, every time I lost ideas what to write, I always visit the Techmeme and join the discussion by writing my own blogpost about the discussed articles and mentioning those ideas posted on the different blogs on the DISCUSSION.

And just like what I said above, you should link back to the discussed article and to the blogs that are the source of the ideas or points you mentioned in your blogpost. Linking back to them means, establishing trackbacks from their blogs to your blogpost.

However, you’ll not only gain traffic for your blog through the trackbacks you’ve made from the blogs on the DISCUSSION. If your blog successfully gain the attention of the Techmeme and list your blog on the DISCUSSION, then this for sure will generate more traffic to your blog from the Techmeme visitors. And not only that, if you posted a good comment, points or ideas about the discussed article, most probably other bloggers who join the discussion will link back to your post.

Now, try this because this will really help your blog gain traffic.

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