Yahho – SELaplana

There are lots of Yahoo! users who sign-in to Yahoo! by typing the Yahho.Com at the browser. If the browser they’re using is set to use Google Search Engine, then the browser will immediately google (googel) the url or term yahho.com because yahho.com is not a valid URL.

Well, this is true when yahho.com is not yet acquired by Yahoo!. Yahoo! noticed this, that is why they got the url, yahho.com, so that everyone who type yahho.com in the url field of the browser, they will immediately see this:


Then after several minutes, you’ll be redirected to the homepage of Yahoo!

According to Google Trends, the searches (on googel) of the term yahho.com is already huge on the year 2004 and it continuously increases until on the day when I wrote this post. And the top googler are coming from Spanish speaking people such asĀ  Colombia, Venezuela , Peru, Mexico, etc.

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