Pinay Scandal Experiment Success and Clarification

I recently participated the SEO experiment organized by Macuha by writing my Pinay Scandal post, “Pinay Scandal, Let’s Play The Trend.” However, our feed-email readers are diappointed thinking that what we are promoting here is the real Pinay Scandal files (video, photo).

Okay… Just want to make it clear that this is not to promote the real Pinay Scandal things, instead it’s a fight against the real sites that promotes Pinay Scandal items. This is just an experiment to steal the huge traffic from the real pinay scandal sites and let those visitors find good things from the participating blogs.

Just like what I said on my previous post, the number of users who are looking for Pinay Scandal items via the search engines like Google and Yahoo is now increasing. And to make use of this traffic, we create or write a post about Pinay Scandal, then SEO the posts to win the top SERP on the Pinay Scandal searches.

Currently, Macuha’s post got the 3rd spot of the Google SERP as shown on the screenshot below:

Pinay Scandal

This means that Macuha’s blog is now enjoying the traffic brought by Google search engines particularly from the Pinay Scandal SERP.

Our target for this experiment is actually not only to gain traffic from the Pinay Scandal searches but to conquer the Google SERP on Pinay Scandal. This is actually a fight against the real Pinay Scandal sites and we should kicked their sites off from the top SERP of any search engines.

If you want to support this fight, then write your own post about it.

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5 thoughts on “Pinay Scandal Experiment Success and Clarification”

  1. cool. i didn’t know you could also fight using this method. what I do, instead is write blog posts regarding what’s good about the philippines. I’m glad I found your post. thanks

  2. It seems to me that all you’re doing is stealing the traffic that should have gone to the real Pinay Scandal sites. Since you admit this yourself, this is a moot point already.

    You are just fooling the people that are indeed searching for the real thing. And you are gaining from the lies, as well.

    I could say more, but this post says it better than me:

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