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List of movies related to Valentine’s Day

  1. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown – “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz retired from the cartoonist’s life early in 2000, and indeed left a few loose strings hanging among his chronically dissatisfied characters. He never did, for instance, cut Charlie Brown much slack in the romance department (or let him kick Lucy’s football, for that matter). Sympathetic readers might have taken note of a story in the press just before Schulz said farewell, in which the inspiration for Charlie Brown’s unrequited love interest–the never-seen, too-distant, “little red-haired girl”–was identified as a woman who turned down a marriage proposal from Schultz a half-century ago. That bit of biographical detail now adds poignancy to Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, a 1975 television special built upon years of Valentine’s Day “Peanuts” strips. This half-hour show finds Charlie Brown suffering, typically, the ignominy of receiving no hearts-and-flowers greetings while the rest of the gang, including Snoopy, spend their day sorting through piles of love notes. Worse, Schulz’s famous sad sack can’t get up the nerve to approach his unapproachable angel, though there may be–just may be–a glimmer of hope this time around. It may be Valentine’s Day, but not much else is different in the “Peanuts” neighborhood. –Tom Keogh
  2. My Bloody Valentine – This bizarre little horror movie is set in the mining town of Valentine Bluffs, which may be in Canada, though the odd, indeterminate accents of the cast are perhaps meant to suggest that it is truly a regionless everyland. In a cruel twist of fate, the Bluffers have not celebrated Valentine’s Day in 20 years due to a terrible mining accident. This year is to be the first return of the Valentine’s Dance–repeatedly described by adults as the biggest event of the year–but someone (or something?) is trying to put a stop to the fun by delivering heart-shaped candy boxes with real hearts in them. The dance is called off in the name of public safety, the young (well, youngish) people decide to hold a party inside the mine instead, and if you think we’re getting out of this one without someone getting a pickax through the chest, you have no business watching slasher movies. –Ali Davis
  3. Winnie the Pooh – Un-Valentine’s Day/A Valentine for You – UN-VALENTINE’S DAY: It’s that warm and wonderful time when Pooh and his pal like to show how much they care. But Rabbit wants to cancel Valentine’s Day because last year, he was up to his ears in the flood of cards that littered the Hundred Acre Wood. Reluctantly, everyone agrees — until someone anonymously sends Pooh a pot of honey. Suddenly, the Valentine rush is again out of control, much to the delight of all — including Rabbit! Then, as a special bonus, experience the charm and fun of “The Three Little Piglets.” A VALENTINE FOR YOU: After Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit see Christopher Robin making a valentine for — gasp! — a girl, they find he’s been bitten by a “Smitten” and is lovesick! Worried that he’ll no longer have time for them, and hoping a second bite from the love bug will cure him, they set out on a wild adventure to capture the Smitten. This wonderful story, filled with magic and whimsy, and sweetened with three new songs, reminds us all that the heart is big and always has plenty of room for friends — old and new.
  4. Valentine – Five comely and well-to-do female friends receive dire threats inside anonymous valentines. When two of them meet violent ends, the remaining trio suspect that the killer may be a nebbishy former classmate whom they spurned years before at a school dance. Their solution: Throw a lavish Valentine’s Day party, all the better to distract them from the hulking, cherub-masked killer… As the above suggests, Valentine is the absolute nadir of the post-Scream slasher film. Australian director Jamie Blanks (whose previous effort was the equally dismal Urban Legend, 1998) obviously had lofty goals for his film, given his bald-faced homages to John Carpenter and Dario Argento. But he hasn’t a clue as to how to generate suspense, and his frequent reliance on well-worn shock effects (hands dropping on shoulders, etc.) suggests more contempt for the genre than affection. No less than four writers (including two writer-producers for Roswell, which explains the appearance of series star Katherine Heigl) contributed to the screenplay, which fails to generate the twentysomething drama and hip, cutting dialogue required for this brand of horror. As the five friends, actresses Marley Shelton, Denise Richards, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica Caufield, and Heigl have little to do other than alternately look attractive or afraid; Richards, in particular, looks weary of playing the man-eater. As Shelton’s dipsomaniac boyfriend, David Boreanaz (Angel) lumbers through each scene with an embarrassed scowl.Warner Bros.’ DVD includes commentary by Blanks, as well as cast and crew interviews and a video for Orgy’s contribution to the noisy, new-metal soundtrack. –Paul Gaita
  5. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Great action packed film. An excellent retelling of the famous 1929 massacre. A must have for action film or history films.
  6. Barney: Be My Valentine –
  7. Harlequin Valentine’s Day Triple Feature, Vol. 1 –
  8. Harlequin Valentine’s Day Triple Feature, Vol. 2 –
  9. On Valentine’s Day – Elizabeth defies her wealthy parents by running off and marrying a young man of humble prospects, and her parents have not spoken to her since – even though the couple lives in a rooming house nearby, they are struggling financially, and she is pregnant. The story of unselfish love between a man and a woman and the abiding love within a family, this American classic explores the enduring themes of human existence.

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