The Secret To Pass An Examination

Last December 1 and 2, 2007, the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing took the licensure examination (board examination) in different PRC – Nurse Testing centers. I know that all of the examinees studied and reviewed their lessons. But even if how hard they work for this examination, only few of them will pass.

I know, if you are one of these examinees, you are very much eager to pass the exam. But we can’t really tell the time on what will happen. There are times that you think you are already prepared, but in the end you’ll realize that you failed to pass. But, there are few of the examinees who knew already that how hard is the exam, they can still pass it. Why? Because they are already equipped with the things they need to pass the exam. These are the things that you should consider if you want to pass any of the examination:

Knowledge on the subjects included on the examination

All of the subjects you took as you studied your course were all included on the exam. Some of the subjects are not related to your course but they are indirectly included on the exam, in the sense that they serve as your foundation.

For example, if you’re a nursing student, you undergone training on English communication, writing and other information. But if you’ll take up a Licensure examination for Nurses, the subjects included on the exam are all related to nursing and nurses not on English language. But, the questions and instructions on the questionnaire are all written in English. Now, if you didn’t study English then how can you answer the questions asked on that exam?

What I really mean is, you need to start working hard for your profession from the start of your college days up to the day you graduate. Your time should be utilized in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the profession you chose. And don’t ever disregard your minor subjects. Even if those subjects are not related to your course but they are important for you to easily acquire the knowledge and skills that are related to your course.

But how about those who graduated the course but seems to be disregarded most of their subjects in college? Well, I’m sure they will find the Licensure Examination hard. However, they can still cope up if they will work hard, and if possible triple their effort during their review and refresher classes.

Physical condition

There tons of examinees who were already prepared to take up the licensure examination for their profession or what ever exam they want to take up but still failed to pass the exam.

Why did this happen?

Okay. You should not forget also that your physical condition affects you as you take an examination. If you are suffering illness, you will hardly remember the things you learned from your studies. You can’t even understand what you are reading on the questionnaire. And you can’t even survive sitting inside the testing center longer.

In other words, you need to maintain your physical good condition so that you brain will function at its maximum. And this can be done by regularly exercising, eating balance diet and taking enough rest.

The way you fill-up the answer sheet

Now, what if you already have the knowledge and physical good condition but you don’t have the skill in filling-up the answer sheet? You will still fail to pass the exam. Remember that the PRC use computers or computerized machines in checking the answer sheets. If you failed to fill-up the answer sheet according to the machines’ standard, these machines will consider your answers wrong even if the answers are right. You can’t disregard the fact that in order to pass the exam, you need to have not only the knowledge of the subjects and your physical good condition, but also the skill in filling up the answer sheets.

If you got these 3 important things as you took up a licensure examination for your profession, then I’m sure you’ll pass.

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