Idiots Excelled the Professional Licensure Examination?

We received a comment from our readers that says:

I am just curious if the machine that checks the answer sheets for the licensure examination for teacher is very credible and reliable. Mostly in our school, the students who passed the examination are those students who seldom go to school…Iwas just wondering what were their answers to the questions. Halos hindi pumapasok sa school, so saan nila kinuha ang mga answers nila….It’s been 5 years now and halos lahat nang mga nag top saacademics sa school namin ay hindi pumasa sa LET…mabuti pa yong laging absent, nagkokodigo tuwing quiz at exams pumasa pa…Kami na naging seryoso sa pag-aaral, halos takot umabsent, laging nangunguna sa pagpass ng mga projects na required, halos perfect lagi ang mga quizzes o kayay exams ay hindi pumasa…Kung titingnan ang aming mga TOR at icompare sa mga pumasa dito sa school…I am very proud to say that I deserve to pass the exam…..hindi kaya nagkakamali din ang nag tsetsek nang answer sheets? Please enlight me on this….I do hope to hear a reply on this…

Thank you and God bless….

I think, we can apply the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, to this kind of situation.

You know, you can’t tell at all times the brightness of a student by just looking at his achievement in school. There are those who are idiot like me but are ranked top in the class. And there are also smart students like you who are ranked at the bottom. The students’ achievement in school is just the result on how the students responded during the teaching-learning sessions.

If it happened that you graduated your course with honors, to tell you, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll pass the licensure examination of your profession. You still need to work hard so that the knowledge you gained from your course will remain fresh in your brain and that you can easily access these knowledge during the times that you need them. And one more thing, you need to remember the 3 important things you need to have to pass any examination.

But why is it that those who are idiot in your class excelled the licensure examination? Well, you might think that those people are idiot but actually they are not. It just happened that they had no interest in attending your classes or interacting with you at the class, but they’re minds or brains were working especially during the review and refresher classes they attended.

However, it is also true that there are real idiot who passed the exam without expecting it. By just reading the questionnaire they already know that they will never pass the exam. But when the result was released, they were just surprised because they’re names are included on the list of passers. If you’ll ask them of what they did on the exam, they will tell you what they did and for sure, you’ll think of good luck, miracle or whatever.

For example, I have a friend who was considered as idiot at their class, took up the Licensure Examination for Registered Electrical Engineers and passed the exam. He then told us that brightness is not needed to pass the exam but it how wise you are. He’s not really good in memorizing the mathematical and engineering formulas, but at least he had a little knowledge about them. So, during the exam, he just used his eyes on spying the answers of the nearby examinees and compared the answers to his answers. With that, he can decide which answers were right and wrong.

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