Anniversary Gift, Free Cellphones Load

I found out that few of our visitors are not now asking for free cellphones load from me thinking that I am the one who will give free cellphones loads on my post, “Pinoy Texters’ Time To Win Free Cellphone Load.”

Okay, this time I will be giving away 10 PhP100.00 worth of cellphones load to 10 lucky winners. However, only those SIMs of Smart, TnT, Globe and TM are accepted. I’m sorry for this but my retailer SIMs are just for Smart/Tnt and Globe/TM only.

What to do?

Here’s how:

  1. Post your comment below. Remember, you need to comment. I am not asking you to enter your cellphone number for you to avoid any problems with text spammers. Don’t worry, if you’ll win I will contact you using the email you enter at the email field and ask you personally your number. So make sure that your email is valid and correct.And I want to make it clear that you have only 1 entry even if you repeatedly posted comments. However, you can send several entries if you establish a trackbacks from your several blogs.For example. If you have 4 blogs that mentioned this contest and established the trackback, then you have 4 valid entries already, plus your comment, so all-in-all you have 5 valid entries.
  2. Wait for the announcement of who win. Medyo matagal to. The winners will be announced on March 6, 2007 March 6, 2008. Why March 6, 2007March 6, 2008? Well, we’ll be celebrating our blog’s 2nd anniversary. And as a way of thanking you for your support, I will be giving away cellphones loads.
  3. If you’re one of the winners, wait for my email. Just like what I said already, I will email you if you’re the winner and I will ask you what number should I send the free load. And that will be the time too that you will reveal your number.
  4. Then Wait for the load. Once I got your number, I will immediately send you the PhP100.00 worth of prepaid load. And after sending the load I will send you the confirmation that I received from sending you loads to tell you that I really send you the load.

About the number of winners and the amount of prize

I already mentioned above that there will be 10 winners of the PhP100.00 worth of cellphone loads. However, if I have enough cash to be sent you for free, then I can increase the number of the winners or maybe I can increase the amount of the prizes.

So, post your comment now or establish trackbacks from your blog.

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