Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers April 2008

September 2009 Licensure Examination for Teachers

If you are looking for the information regarding the September 2009 LET, including its schedule of examination, deadline of registration and the examination result, please click here or visit the Teachers Board Examination Result page.

Update: October 28, 2008

check the September 2008 LET result on the linked page. Click here >>> ( September 2008 LET Result ).


New Elementary Teachers:

New Secondary Teachers:

Original Post

According to the schedule of licensure examinations set by the PRC for this year (2008), there will be a licensure examination for professional Teachers or LET this coming April 6, 2007 April 6, 2008 which will be held in all testing centers for LET nationwide. The registration for the examination started already and the deadline will be on January 31, 2007 January 31, 2008.

You still have the chance to register, so hurry, prepare your documents and other requirements and visit the nearest PRC offices for you to register.

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58 thoughts on “Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers April 2008”

  1. Please correct your opening paragraph. There’s error in date. “LET will be this coming April 6, 2007.”
    Shouldn’t it be April 6, 2008?

  2. Actually the schedule for LET exam has not been change, it seems that the PRC had made an extra sched for exams in order to accomodate lots of education students wanted to become a license teacher’s.

    May be we all knew that the usual schedule of exams is every August now surprisingly we heared that it will be on april ’08. But for those who won’t cope up with this sched you still have a chance to take Let on September 28, ’08 and the deadline for registration is on July 31, 08.

    So don’t be sad if you are less earned units to take this opportunity this time ’cause always still theres a right time for you to fullfil your dreams.

  3. I want to ask the exact date release of April 6 examination so that i won’t be late for the application for September 28th examination if incase that I won’t pass the first exam. Please reply immediately^^

  4. hi! i just want to ask about my status. i want to take exam on april but my requirements isnt done yet. i just got married last oct and my NSO marriage contract which i know is 1 of the req’s is not yet release, they told me it will be on the sixt month from the day i filed it.
    i dont know if i can submit my req’s without NSO cert? or is it ok if i will use my maiden name? pls advise me.. thanks!

  5. if you are a graduate of masscommunication and you took 18 units in education, is it possible to chose your major for LET exam? i dont want to be an English Major bec i hate literature, can i choose my majorship? if i will take the english major for LET exam im sure i will failed coz i have no complete knowledge of the subject. thanks!!!

  6. Anne >> here’s what you need to do. Go to your local registrar where your marriage is registered and get a marriage certification. This certification is just printed on band paper. Then bring it to the NSO office near you and have it authenticate by them. Once the document is authenticated, it’s valid already.

    Shane >>> You better ask advice from the Guidance counselor of your school or visit the PRC office near you. tnx

  7. when is the next schedule for the LET examination. when is the filing and the deadline of submission of application. and when is the date of the next examination. thank you. and more power. please reply to email. thanks.

  8. Ano ba yan! Bat ang tagal nyo e-post ang results ng exam naiinip na kami kahihintay. Galaw-galaw naman kayo mga ta prc. please…….

  9. mga taga prc madaya nilabas na sa news paper ang results pero sa internet wala pa. Bakit?…. gusto ko sa internet kasi wala dun sa news paper name ko. Hehehehehe

  10. hey may i have the requirements for the LET exam this september… i cant get the official date kasi… thank you.

  11. LET for September will be on September 28, 2008. Date of Filing (from April 1-July 31, 2008..Pls refer guidellines at

  12. helo,.
    just want to know the shedule of 2009 Let exam. Is there an exam on april or may?or only on september 2009?
    thanks and hoping for your response,.

  13. Hi ,, when is the expected date of release of the LET – Sept 2008 takers? So we will prepare when to buy newspapers and browse the internet.. Thank you.

  14. hello sa lahat hope adyan na ang result sa Teachers Borad Examination Last September 2008…………. excited na talaga ako ehhhhhhhhh………….

  15. Hello… Thanx poh sa pag published ng board exam result… Godbless… Congrats pala sa mga pumasa nung April at Sept. exam… Sana makapasok tayo agad guys!

  16. congratulation po sa lahat ng pumasa. at sa mga hindi pumasa, wag po kayong mag-alala marami pa pong exams at saka unlimited ang pagtake di ba?

    Sa lahat ng mga pumasa, welcome po kayo sa mundo ng walang trabaho dahil kunti lang ang vacant sa DEPeD ngayon at kunti lang ang mga private school na naghire ng teachers.

    Asawa ko nga 3 years nang tambay, lagi na lang nagpaparank sa District office ng deped dito sa amin.

  17. Can u share some sample questions from PRC past board exams?

    if u have notes for english major please share on my email. thanks

  18. hi po. ask ko lang where I can see the past LET questions for english majors. Tagal ko na po hinahanap eh di ko pa nakikita. thanks

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