Personal Write-Ups Publishing Schedule

I know that the large percentage of our readers are feed subscribers via email. And I also understand that as I publish article everyday they are also receiving email that contains my write-up everyday . In other words, they are receiving 30 emails from me in 1 month. I think it’s not already good to look at their inbox filled with emails with the subject “Learn Lessons with SELaplana.” So, I decided to set schedule in publishing my write-ups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:05 Philippine time.

Special announcement posts and examination results are not included on this schedule. I will publish them immediately soon as I finish writing them.

My advantage too

Publishing 3 articles in one week will also give me time to work for my other blogs. You already knew that I am maintaining so many blogs. I also need to give them time.

And not only that, I need to work more hard editing and enhancing the themes of the blogs, their SEO, and other important things so that our blogs will gain more visitors, because gaining more visitors means gaining more income.

Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have questions regarding anything, or comments on the write-ups published, or suggestion on what to do with this blog, feel free to email me by replying my email or contact me here.

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