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No! Actually, it’s not Live TV but Live Video. This is what everybody is talking about since February 6, 2008. On the next day, I learned from the news that Yahoo! launched already their Yahoo! Live.

Yahoo! Live Blog has this idea about the Yahoo! Live:

We’re excited to share with you Yahoo! Live, a new experiment in live video from the Advanced Products team at Yahoo!. Y! Live was dreamed up as a way to make it possible for anyone to create their own live video experience. Broadcast the concert you’re at. Webcast your own live DJ set. Lifecast. Build your own live video speed dating application. We’ve created a website and an API that lets you do all these things and many more.

The only interesting thing I found as I tried the Yahoo! Live is that Yahoo! Live is not living. Yahoo! Live is dead due to the huge traffic.

For now, I can’t tell how can I use this new service of Yahoo! here in my blog. Maybe, I can broadcast the things I did here in my home, or whatever. Let’s just wait for the time the Yahoo! Live will really be alive not dead.

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