Make More Money with Debt

Did you know that blogs that are focused on finance talks earn more money that those bloggers who talk about make money online? Of course, making money online depends on the person who are making money online. Whether he is good in writing articles about debt and finance-related talks but if he has few knowledge in making money online, then he might not earn much compared to what the bloggers who are expert in making money online earn.

However, I know some people who are not well skilled, not talented in making money online and are the opposite of the 13-year old Filipino blogger or the Pinay Scandal founder (lol) but are making money well online. Their income is even higher compared to my income. What they did is just publishing articles, personal journal or any write-up regarding finance, credit cards and debt. After 6 months of hardwork writing quality articles, they started to earn money from adsense. Then after several months, lots of advertisers were asking them a space for their finance-related ads. And now, their income from direct-advertisers is much higher than their income from adsense.

One of them told me that the number of finance-related advertisers is huge compared to technology-related ones. “Just imagine,” he said, “of what kind of spam comments you receive everyday. Most of them are about credit card, debt, finance, mortgage, and other topics which are related to finance.” Now, if lots of finance related websites hire those spammers to spam all the blogs they found, then there’s a big possibility too that lots of finance-related webmasters are willing to pay for few dollars just to advertise their websites on your blogs.

What I really want to tell you is that, if you have enough knowledge on finance-related subject, then why not build a blog that focus on this subject. Then tell me what’s the result.

Why not try what you adviced?

I actually want to build a blog about finance-related subject but I am not yet knowledgeable on finance issues. But I already earned few dollars from direct advertisers who advertised on my financed related posts.

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