Maasin Sex Scandal

Few days ago, Maasinhon (people here in Maasin City) were talking about the sex scandal of the teen couples who are both students of the schools here in Maasin City. The lady was said to be a student of the Maasin City- STI, and the guy was a student of the Saint Joseph College- Maasin.

I thought at first, the said sex scandal was just a joke. But base on the stories I heard from those people who personally watched the video clip, it seems that it’s real.

Now, how did this amateur sex video leaked to the public?

According to the source, the guy on the sex scandal who owned a camera-phone, recorded their sexual romances and intercourse. Based on the reaction of the lady on the scandal as shown on the video, it seems that she knew that the guy was recording their activities. The guy was keeping the said video clip on his camera for a length of time, until he lost that camera-phone. Then one day, they’re surprised of the talks about them because the video clip was uploaded to youtube and other video sharing sites.

Actually, some people I talked about it told me that they were not convinced about the reasons why the video clip leaked to the public. They’re thinking that the guy on that sex scandal was the one who uploaded the video clip. Then when he realized that they’re now the topic of talks here in the city, he decided to took off the video from the video sharing sites.

So, what’s the lesson here?

Actually, if you’ll reflect on this, you’ll find lots of lessons. But, I will just list 2 lessons here:

  1. If you’re a lady who engages sexual activities with your bf or even husband, just make sure that your husband or boyfriend is not recording what you’re doing.
  2. If you’re a guy who wanted to be popular, just be creative, but never share a video showing you and your partner having sex.

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