Happy Mother’s Day, Mother!

Of course, today is not yet the day set to give honor to our mothers. Mother’s day will be on Sunday, May 11, 2008 but I just want to greet my mother, your mothers a “happy Mother’s day!

To let you know, your mothers might be better than my mother in terms of richness, intelligence, toughness, etc., but I consider my own mother the best mother in the world. You see… I became what I am now because my mother helps me to become like this. My traits are inherited from her, if not, they are influenced directly and indirectly by my mother.

When I abandoned our faith, the Catholic Faith (even if I grew up serving our local parish church as Sacristan Mayor), my mother showed me her disappointment but never abandoned me. We always engage in religious debate (every time we meet) but she never hurt me with her words. My friends and former mates in the Catholic faith consider me a black sheep, but she always looks at me and considers me as good sheep.

My mother is not that rich and couldn’t even support me financially in my activities but she never forget to show me her moral support. She’s always there reminding me on what to do. When I am facing problems, she’s there giving the best of her advices. When I feel sad, she’s there comforting me.

If I will be given by God a chance to wish…. I just want my mother to live longer with the strength and good health…. I also want her to become part of the church where I belong now, for I really want her to be with me, to join me and to be part of my services to the true God and true Christ that I have known through the teachings of the Holy Bible.

I know my mother couldn’t read this post of mine because she doesn’t know what an internet is, but I just hope that she feels what I feel for her. I really love my mother.


Today, April 30, 2008 is the 44th birthday anniversary of my brother Engr. Lorenz Laplana. I know he’s with his family and friends today in PASAR Housing, LIDE, Isabel, Leyte celebrating this special day.

To my brother… Happy Happy Birthday!… and I also want to thank you for financially supporting my college studies… and I am also sorry if I don’t practice the degree that I acquired. I just love to blog than to be an Electrical Engineer. I couldn’t pay you for what you have done through money or cash, but I never forget that I owe part of my life from you.

Again, Happy happy birthday!

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

I am currently looking for blogs that can be included on my list of the “Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008″. Please suggest blogs by dropping your comments at our comment section of this post. The 10 lucky blogs will receive backlinks from this post, my Ka Webspy blog and from the digital filipino blog.

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

  1. Pa-Cute by Brother G. Urbi
  2. Your Partner Online – “Blogging, Branding, Marketing, Troubleshooting and Making Money Online by Joliber MapilesBelow are blogs added today, June 3, 2008
  3. Blog Ex Machina. The blog of Toonex which started on January 2008. As of writing this update, the blog has 6 feed subscribers.
  4. Filipino Voice. A blog of a group of bloggers blogging about politics, entertainment, technology, or any topic that interest them. The blog started on the month of April 2008 but I don’t know yet the number of feed subscribers and its daily traffic.
  5. Can Talk Tech. The blog on technology which is owned by Rhodilee who is said to be an occassional techie.
  6. Wealth Building, Money and Personal Finance.
  7. CAD Softwares.
  8. Mar Roxas for President. The title of this blog speaks on what the blog is all about. I am not campaigning for the candidacy of Mar Roxas but the blog does.

    New Added Blogs as of July 17, 2008

  9. Aspiring Entrepreneur. A journey of an employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Owned and maintained by Tyrone Charles Solee.
  10. Batanggenyong Online. A blog of a BatangeƱo, Richard Macalintal.

Blogs I Considered

Below is the list of blogs that I want to include on my list of top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2008 but failed to qualify based on the qualification provided by the writing project organizer which says, “… These are blogs that started anytime from July 1, 2007 to the present”; “Old blogs who move to a new domain are disqualified” and “Blogs who remove their archives just to fit in the cut-off date are disqualified.” (source: Influential Blogger) and the qualifications I set for my own list.

  • Pinoy Ambisyoso. The Blog of Mr. Lavern Tan about his thoughts and experiences as blogger which officially started on June 2007.
  • Our Journey To Forever. The blog started since 2006 and I don’t know who the blogger behind this blog.
  • Fashion Express Tips. This blog might be considered emerging and influential considering the start date of it and the number of feed subscribers. But I just don’t want to include blogs on my list of the top 10 emerging influential blog in 2008 that are using the subdomain names of free blog hosting services like blogspot.com and wordpress.com, and the identity of the blogger behind the blog is not revealed on his about-me page. I’m sorry for this. Anyway, your blog gets a backlink from this post.
  • Julia Aquino. Self-titled blog of Julia Aquino on entertainment and other topics that interest her. It is the most popular blog listed in Top Blogs (PH) but I don’t know when did it start.
  • Silken Hut. I thought this blog is already too old to be nominated for the 2008′s emerging influential blogs, but I realized that it is still qualified to be listed. Silken Hut is the blog of Allen. Ma’am Toral informed me that this blog is disqualified for the Top Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 because the current domain is the continuation of its old domain.
  • Ultimate Bounds. A making money blog but has no archive links.

Blogs I consider:

Join the Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project

Those who joined the writing projects organized by Ma’am Janette Toral (Influential Blogs of 2007 and Filipina Writing Contest) knew already the benefits in joining this kind of program like backlinks, traffic, friends, etc. To understand what I am saying, read few of my posts:

So, if you want to gain more back links for your blog, then list your 10 emerging influential blogs in 2008 now. To join this writing project, please visit this page.


I forgot to mention above that one ten of the participants will receive $100. So, participate now. Who knows (in the aparador lol) you’ll be chosen to receive $100.


Yahoo is one of the three popular search engines established in the internet. Yahoo is also the most popular internet portal. Yahoo is one of the oldest and popular web directory.

Yahoo is started by the two students of Standford University who are now the richest man of the entire state where the Stanford University stands.

Other people believe that Yahoo started as search engine. But this belief is actually not true because the first search engine that yahhoo used is not its own search engine but the search engine made by another Standford students and is called Google which became Yahhoo’s number 1 competitor.

Yahhoo serves a wide range of products and services like Email (Yahhoo Mail), Web Directory, Hosting services, Search Engine, news, etc.

Rambling Before Taking the Trip to the South

I am a little bit busy preparing the things I need to bring in riding my Honda XRM Motorcycle down south for my longest trip for the year 2008, but I just couldn’t avoid the urge to blog before taking my adventure.

You know, I am not yet that old but I am already suffering the illnesses that are normal to old people. At the age of 15, I already started taking my maintenance for the hypertension. And now, my right knee hurts, and I think it’s caused by arthritis. Thinking of these illnesses leads me to loss hope in reaching the age of 60. I wonder if lots of Filipinos are also suffering similar illnesses that I have. If that is so, then Filipinos couldn’t live longer like the Americans. Patsy revealed this:

Americans are living longer than ever before. With better health care, early screenings and people choosing healthier lifestyles, this trend is expected to continue. In Fact, the population of elderly is expected to increase. It is estimated that by the year 2040 the Old folks will account for twenty-three percent of all Americans. Nearly one half of those will be over the age of Eighty-five! I plan to still be here annoying my kids and Grand kids when My age group is the largest of all age groups.

By the way, as of writing this post the result when googling for “Smart Bro” is now balanced. The first page of the result already contains blogposts that tell us that “Smart Bro Sucks” and “Smart Bro, The Best”. Take a look at the screenshot below:

I’ll just hope that this result will not change anymore or if there might be changes, the blogpost that say “Smart Bro, The Best!” will be moved upward of the SERP. Well, that post is my post that was published on this blog.

So much for that, I want to thank GM Tristan for sending me the installers for the “Perfect World” MMORPG of the Level Up Philippines. And thank you all for visiting me here.

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PLDT Wireless Landline

Jay emailed me recently this:

Hi Sel!

I have seen in TV that PLDT is now offering its new product that directly competes with Bayan Telecommunications “Bayan Wireless Landline.” What can you say about it?

Yes, I’ve seen this too in TV. PLDT’s advertising their new wireless landline which is called PLDT Landline PLus. Of course, PLDT couldn’t use the term “Wireless Landline” for their wireless landline telephone because Bayan Telecommunication uses it already for their own wireless telephone.

These two products are both wireless telephone system. They only differ in the mode of paying the usage. PLDT Landline Plus is prepaid while Bayan Wireless Landline is post paid.

Currently, I haven’t tested it (PLDT Landline Plus) because in the first place, there’s no PLDT franchise here in Maasin City; And secondly, I will still look for households who subscribe to the new PLDT Landline Plus.

Anyway, according to PLDT, the PLDT Landline Plus can be used anywhere in the Philippines that has PLDT fixed and wireless network. But it doesn’t mean that a Metro Manila subscriber can use his PLDT Landline plus subscription outside Metro Manila. What I mean is, you can bring your PLDT Landline Plus unit and use it only on the place with the same area code where your subscription has been set to. It’s not like a mobile phone where you can bring it and use it anywhere in the country.

The good thing of it is, you can use it to send SMS or text messages. I still don’t know the the price of every SMS you sent especially to mobile phones… and I am still wondering if we can really send SMS or text message to mobile phones.

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Ads Rearranged

Just like what you have noticed, the ads displayed on this blog have been rearranged. We do this because we need to increase our blog’s income so that we can finance the transfer of our blogs, including those under our reseller hosting, from shared to dedicated server to lessen our blogs downtime and problems. Few of the changes are:

  1. Ads on the header part or our blog
  2. Ads on the sidebar
  3. Ads on the content side

Header Ad

Last March 24, 2008, we’ve tried to place a 468×60 ad on the header part of our blog through the Project Wonderful service. I set the price, lowest bid price, to $1 per day on that ad. However, I only got few advertisers on it. I should earn an average of $30 per month on that space but it wouldn’t happen. So, I decided to offer that space to direct advertisers. But while waiting for advertisers, I temporarily place adsense 468×60 image ad there.

Sidebar Ads

On the sidebar, we have the 160×600 ad of Adsense and below it are the 6 slots of 125×125 ad from the Project Wonderful.

The Adsense ad (160×600) has been configured so that it will show image ad when viewing the single-post of our blog, otherwise it will show text ads. I did it so that only 5 or fewer text ads of Adsense will show up on every page of our blog and the other ads should be image ads.

You see, if you are viewing the single-post of our blog, the square ad above the content of our post will show 5 or fewer text ads. So, then other adsense ads (header and the sidebar) should be image ads. However, if you are viewing the homepage, category pages, and archive pages, there’s no square ad displayed on the content side, so the160x600 adsense ad on the sidebar will show the text ads and the the adsense ad on the header should be image ad.

What’s the point in configuring Adsense Ads in that way?

Okay. Our purpose in doing this is to increase the CTR of the Adsense ads because as the CTR increases, surely, our Adsense income will increase too. I set the adsense ads to show up to 5 or fewer text ads in every pages of this blog. In other words, the ads of the top 4 high bidders (adsense) will only show-up in every webpages of our blog. And we all know that these ads have high PPC price.

But of course, not all users will be interested on the text ads shown. We need to make our visitors exit our blog in the right exit door which is the ad on our blog, that’s why we put image ads from Adsense, hoping that they might be interested with them.

Content Side

The size and type of the adsense ads shown on the content side are not changed. The adsense ad is still in square and in text. What has been changed here is the color of the title of the text ads, from red to blue. However, I’m not sure if this placement is not violating the new terms and policies of the adsense program.


For one month, we’ll observe if what we’ve done really works. If not, then we’ll find other ways in increasing the income of our blog.

Update: April 14, 2008

I made some changes on the ads. The 468×60 header ad spot will now be served by AdBrite. I also changed the 336×280 ad above the post-content to 300×250 ad with a 250×250 image ad on its right side.

Let’s say what’s the effect of this arrangement.

Motoristang Pinoy is Back

The recent acquire of a Kodak C613 Point and Shoot Digital Camera helps me blog again at my Honda XRM Rider blog as the Motoristang Pinoy.

Just this day, I posted my new blogpost, “Breakfast at HoneyBee Burgerhaus & Eatery,” as part of the Motoristang Pinoy food trip. Read it here.

With regards to its theme, I am again designing new theme for the blog. I am still working it and don’t know yet when can I apply the new theme for the blog.

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories – Free PSP Games

It’s time to return to Liberty City, the town where all the rules were broken as Grand Theft Auto 3 revolutionized gaming and made the GTA series the biggest franchise on the planet. The PlayStation Portable edition is an all-new game set in the seedy, sprawling underworld of Liberty City. Just when you thought San Andreas was all you needed in your gaming life, Rockstar today announced that it is working on a brand new Grand Theft Auto title for the PSP. As youd expect from the highly secretive Rockstar, little is known about this latest in the GTA series except that it will take place in the streets of Liberty City (from GTA III) and that it is being developed by Rockstar Leeds. What you can be sure of, is that with the power of Sonys sexy new portable behind it, GTA on PSP wont be just a rehash of the 1997 original.


  • An all-new, epic adventure set in Liberty City, the 3-island metropolis from Grand Theft Auto 3. the
  • An astounding technical achievement, Liberty City Stories pushes the PSP to its absolute limit, resetting the public’s understanding and expectations of what is possible on a hand-held gaming system.
  • Amazing visuals on the PSP due to enhanced draw distance, new lighting and shading models, as well as real-time reflections.
  • A massive non-linear storyline penned by Rockstar’s award-winning writing team.
  • Professional character voice acting and production.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories – Free PSP Games

Vice City Stories is a monumental improvement upon the previous Grand Theft Auto title on the PlayStation Portable. For one, the draw distance has nearly doubled so that buildings and features can be seen across town. Character models and cars are as detailed as if they were on the PlayStation 2 and include all of the shine and transparency that looked so great in other Grand Theft Auto titles. Players can even choose the clothing that Vic will wear in Vice City. Overall, Rockstar has substantially increased all visual elements so that you don’t need to make any graphical sacrifices when taking Grand Theft Auto on the road.

Even the city appears as never before- people on the street will notice you and recognize you for the actions you’ve taken on previous missions. Some even comment about actions you’ve taken and give you an idea about how the public feels about your notoriety.


  • Successor to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the best-selling PSP ever
  • Play as Vic Vance, brother of Lance Vance, a member in one of the most notorious families in Vice City
  • Featuring new vehicles such as sea planes, amphibious vehicles, jet skis, and more
  • Swim and fly in Vice City, a location twice as large as Liberty City
  • An entirely new chapter, including new characters, new storyline, and classic locale of Vice City
  • The most technically impressive PSP game ever. Epic new installment will
  • define franchise PSP gameplay Build your criminal empire in Empire Mode, a stunning new gameplay mode
  • An exciting selection of new multiplayer modes will be available
  • Developed by Rockstar Leeds & Rockstar North
  • Featuring the most impressive soundtrack ever devised, with a scope that exceeds any other Film, TV program, or videogame in history

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