Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 – SELaplana

I upgraded the WordPress engine of this blog last Tuedsday (April 1, 2008) to the latest version of the WordPress which is version 2.5.  This version is really better than the old ones in terms of features. But I don’t like the design. The previous design is really better compared to this in terms of orderliness and cleanliness.

How the upgrade procedure?

Well, the latest upgrade that I did is the worst one. I spent 3 hours in upgrading it. But the problem is not on the WordPress compressed files, not my host’s servers, but of my laziness and carelessness.

Of course, I read the upgrade instructions, and other information and guides when installing or upgrading WordPress software. The only problem is I am very much confident that the process that I knew is much faster than what has been instructed.

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